The Tea Dragon Society – Renegade Game Studios


The Tea Dragon Society by Renegade Game Studios

Ages 10 and up
2-4 Players

Based on the Oni Press graphic novelĀ The Tea Dragon Society by Katie O’Neill, The Tea Dragon Society the card game is a beautifully illustrated light card game with some deckbuilding concepts worked in. The cute little dragons and lack of hidden information makes it a great choice for the whole family. Forge a strong bond with your tea dragon and progress through the seasons, creating memories to share forever.

The Tea Dragon Society card game is based off a visual novel,

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The Tea Dragon Society by Renegade Game Studios available at Gnome Games

Discover the ancient art form of Tea Dragon care taking within this enchanting world of friendship and fantasy. Each player has a unique deck to represent their own Tea Dragon. Each turn players will choose to either draw a card to trigger certain effects, or buy a card to improve their deck or to score points. The game begins in the spring and as the seasons progress, cards become more valuable and more expensive, so think again! At the end of winter, the player with the most points is the winner. Create a bond between yourself and your Tea Dragon that grows as you progress through the seasons creating memories to share forever.


Here’s how to play The Tea Dragon Society

Game Contents

  • Comic quick-start rules

  • Have fun playing The Tea Dragon Society from Gnome Games

    4 Tea Dragon cards

  • 1 Mentor card

  • 24 Memory cards (6 cards each for spring, fall, winter, and summer)

  • 28 Market cards

  • 48 Starter cards (12 cards each in 4 decks)

  • 4 Player Aid cards

  • 1 Rulebook

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