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The Big Book of Madness the Vth Element Expansion from Gnome Games


Ages 10 and Up

2-5 Players


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The Vth Element is the first expansion for the Big Book of Madness. It features a new book of spells, new monsters, new magicians… but also new game mechanics, to be played independently or together.

Unknown or denied by most magicians, the terrifying Black Matter is as powerful as it is destructive. You will need to learn how to master it in order to activate the formidable spells form the Black Book, vanquish the black monsters, and annihilate the black maledictions.

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The Big Book of Madness the Vth Element Expansion by iello available at Gnome Games

Designed by Maxime Rambourg and illustrated by Naïadethe long-awaited expansion for The Big Book of Madness is finally here.

  • Two new game mechanics, to try together or separately
  • Four new magicians
  • Thirteen new pages for the Big Book of Madness

“The Book has been opened again! Everybody, prepare your spells! But what are those unknown monsters?  As pages are flipped, inconceivable phobias start to spread and paralyze apprentice magicians. How to close the book again? Maybe with this terrifying Black Matter?”

The creators of the Big Book of Madness now bring you its first expansion – the Vth Element! This magical addition brings you a brand new book of spells, undiscovered monsters, and fresh magicians. Furthermore, new game mechanics are introduced which can be utilized independently or simultaneously in the Vth Element.

One such mechanic is the Phobias. The Phobias are extremely powerful madnesses, capable of accelerating the fall of your magician. However, unlike madnesses, Phobias have permanent effects which remain attached to the character if they are unable to cure themselves. It will be up to you to manage them.

Learn about and master the phenomenon known as Black Matter while working together with the new magicians. Only once you and your allies have succeeded in this endeavor will you be able to use the chilling spells contained within the Black Book. Then use the tome’s powers to dispose of the black monsters and exile the black maledictions.


How to Play The Big Book of Madness the Vth Element


Game Contents:

  • 12 Dark Curse cards
  • 28 Dark Matter cards
  • 5 Dark Matter tokens
  • 20 Dark Book cards
  • 16 Phobia cards
  • 4 New Magician cards
  • 13 Grimoire cards
  • 1 rulebook

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