Targi – Thames & Kosmos


Targi by Thames & Kosmos

Ages 12 and up
2 Players

A Targi is a male member of the Tuareg, a semi-nomadic people of the Sahara desert in North Africa. In this two-player strategy game, players take on the role of the leader of one of these tribes. The goal is to have the most prosperous tribe. To support their tribe, players must trade goods such as dates, salt, and pepper to earn gold and advantages. But the desert is a dangerous place. Robbers roam the land, and other tribes are battling for the same scarce resources. Find the merchants and wandering caravans, trade wisely, and earn the most points to become the winner!

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Targi by Thames & Kosmos available at Gnome Games

Take on the role of a tribe leader in the Sahara desert in this two-player strategy game. Players must trade goods like dates, salt, and pepper, to obtain gold coins and other advantages. Travel the desert and meet the merchant, or find a caravan. But don’t wait too long, as the desert is a harsh place and opportunities are fleeting, and you may find some rather unsavory characters waiting to steal from you. Support your tribe and help them prosper to collect points and be declared the winner!

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Game Contents

  • 80 Game Cards
    • 45 Tribe Cards
    • 16 Border CardsFind Targi and other great Thames & Kosmos games at Gnome Games
    • 19 Goods Cards
  • 8 Gold Tokens
  • 6 Targi Figures
  • 4 Tribe Markers
  • 1 Robber Figure
  • 30 Goods Tokens
  • 15 Victory Point Tokens
  • 1 Starting Player Token


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