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Tanto Cuore by Japanime Games

Ages 13 and up
2-4 Players

Can you become the perfect “master of the house”? In this quick and cute deck building game players take on the role of a master of the house, and they must employ a range of cute maids! You want your staff to be hardworking, so they can earn you plenty of victory points and help you win the game. There are even private maids that have special powers and abilities to give you bonuses, or harm your opponents’ scores. But watch out, as maids can develop bad habits or even get sick! Create the best workforce of maids to be declared the perfect master!

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Tanto Cuore by Japanime Games available at Gnome Games

Players take on the role of “master of the house” in this deck building card game. It’s up to you to employ lots of cute maids and help them be the best they can be! Some maids have special powers or abilities to help you gain points, or negatively affect your opponents. But watch out, as maids can become sick or develop bad habits. The player who has the most victory-point gaining maids in their staff is declared the “perfect master” and is the winner of the game. This light and easy-to-learn deck builder is perfect for any anime fan!

Here’s how to play Tanto Cuore

Game Contents

  • 198 Maid Cards
  • 56 Love Cards
  • 26 Event Cards
  • RulebookFind Tanto Cuore and other great Japanime Games products at Gnome Games

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