Struggle For Catan – CATAN GmbH


Struggle for Catan by CATAN GmbH

Ages 8 and up
2-4 Players

Struggle for Catan is a card-based strategy game for two to four players. Players have a hand of resources, and  by initiating trades with other players, with the public market, or with trade routes they constructed, they aim to collect what they need. These resources are used to build things like roads, settlements, and knights. Some cards are worth Victory Points, and the first player to a total of 10 Victory Points is the winner! This easy-to-learn and portable card game is perfect for the on-the-go gamer!

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Struggle for Catan by CATAN GmbH available at Gnome Games

Enjoy Catan in this compact card game, Struggle for Catan! Players begin with a hand of resources that they can trade to other players, or the public market. The more roads a player builds, the more opportunities to trade they recieve. Once a player has collected sufficient resources, they can build settlements, cities, roads, or knights. Each built item gives players a certain amount of Victory Points, and the first player to 10 points is the winner! This card-based strategy comes with nothing more than 110 cards in a small box, making it perfect to bring with you wherever you want to play a game!

Game Contents

  • 110 Cards
  • RulesFind Struggle for Catan by CATAN GmbH at Gnome Games

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