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Spell Smashers by Renegade Game Studios

Ages 12 and up
1-5 Players

Harness the power of language as you battle ferocious monsters and their even more fearsome adjectives! Spell words using your letter cards to damage the monsters, and collect coins for your work. But every battle comes with risks! Receive a wound from one of these dangerous creatures and you’ll be stuck with a would card – a difficult letter combination that can ruin your plans of etymological success! Head back to town and buy powerful gear, take on new quests, buy potions of questionable origins, or grab an ale at the tavern and boast about your battle scars! Set your sights on fame and glory as you smash monsters with your spelling skills and rid the world of evil!

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Spell Smashers by Renegade Game Studios available at Gnome Games

Bravery! Righteous! Hamster! Harness the power of your vocabulary in this quirky spelling-game-meets-dungeon-crawler! You don’t use a sword or a shield to fight monsters in Spell Smashers, but instead players combine letter cards to spell words, smashing fearsome monsters and their even more fearsome adjectives! When you defeat a monster, you collect that monster as a trophy … and gain a new letter to use later on! But beware — as you battle these dangerous creatures, you receive wounds, which are difficult letter combinations that could ruin your day. Visit the local town between fights and spend you hard-earned loot to buy new gear, potions, an ale at the tavern, or maybe take on a quest. Rid the world of evil with a voluminous vocabulary and spectacular spelling!

Here’s how to play Spell Smashers

Game Contents

  • 1 Town Board

  • 5 Player Boards

  • 1 Round Marker

  • 5 Ready Tokens

  • 5 Player Aids

  • Have fun playing Spell Smashers from Gnome Games

    1 Tiebreaker Marker

  • 15 Potion Tokens

  • 30 Ale Tokens

  • 55 Coins

  • 5 Monster Crests

  • 26 Monster Tiles

  • 84 Letter Cards

  • 24 Wound Cards

  • 29 Quest Cards

  • 24 Gear Cards

  • 36 Modifier Cards

  • 4 Boss Monster Cards

  • 1 Rulebook

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