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Smash Up these four factions that are totally not based on favorite movies and TV shows, in this 2 player stand alone expansion “Cease & Desist” from AEG. Wander the stars with the Star Roamers, use the Fours with the Astroknights, change into a gun as a Changerbot, or surprise your enemy in winter with dragons as the Ignobles! Shuffle 2 factions together to conquer bases and be the first to 15 points!

Star Roamers from Cease & Desist

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Smash Up: Cease & Desist by Alderac Entertainment Group at Gnome Games

Smash Up Cease and Desist AEG Gnome GamesThe 10th expansion of Smash Up brings together multiple factions in a Shufflebuilding experience of base conquering and inventive card play that team up to give you a game that you certainly won’t get a Cease & Desist order about. The Cease & Desist expansion brings together four factions that are absolutely (according to AEG) not anything like any movies or TV shows that are perennial favorites. This stand alone expansion is perfect for 2 players and is even better with additional expansions for more players!

Astroknights depend upon the power of the Fours to over come traps and shoot first!

Star Roamers are venturing on a multi-year mission of teleporting minions, exploring new combos, and racking up an extensive bill at the red-shirts dry cleaner.

Changerbots are robots in disguise! They disguise themselves as a bicycle or a tank as they transmorph into the best form available to them for the situation at hand. (Take the form of a gun!)

Ignobles are all about the Game (of kingly seats)! Wait for Winter with the backstabbing Ignobles who will always pay their debts….with Dragons!

Suggested Age: 14+
Players: 2, more with additional Smash Up Sets!
Game Time: 45-60 minutes
Contents: 4 new factions, 8 new bases, a rulebook, VP tokens and 4 dividers.

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