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Root by Leder Games

Ages 10 and up
2-4 Players

Will you be able to rule the fantastic forest kingdom? Whether you rule over your subjects as the Marquise de Cat, command the Woodland Alliance to create a new order, stalk the woods as a Vagabond, or seize the initiative as an Eyrie bird of prey, it will take cunning and strategy to rise to the top. Root is an asymmetrical area control game, where each faction has unique capabilities and different victory conditions. The leadership of the woodlands is teetering in the balance – will you be the one to rise to the top and ultimately take root?

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Root is a game of adventure and control, where players find themselves on different sides of a woodland-wide conflict. The nefarious Marquise de Cat currently rules over the area and aims to drain the woods of its riches. The Alliance is a group of creatures that have banded together, aiming to subvert the rule of the Cats. The Eyrie at the edge of the reason have found a new commander and hope to lead their faction to the top, just as is their ancient birthright. Lastly there are the Vagabonds, the wanderers that move around the woodland paths without dedicating themselves to any one particular group. The stage is set for a coup – what group will ultimately take root?

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Game Contents

  • 2-Sided Game Board
  • Custom Box Insert
  • 4 Faction Mats
  • 2 Custom Twelve-Sided Dice
  • The Law of Root Rulebook
  • Learning to Play Rulebook
  • Learn-to-Play Walkthrough Sheet
  • 56 Wooden Meeples
    • 25 Marquise de Cat Warriors
    • 20 Eyrie Dynasties Warriors
    • 10 Woodland Alliance Warriors
    • 1 Vagabond Pawn
  • 98 Cards
    • 54 Shared Deck
    • 4 Eyrie Leaders
    • 2 Eyrie Loyal Vizier Cards
    • 3 Vagabond Character Cards
    • 15 Quest Cards
    • 16 Overview Cards
    • 4 Walk-Through/Board Setup Example CardsFind Root by Leder Games at Gnome Games
  • 93 tokens
    • 4 Victory Point Markers
    • 1 Marquise Keep Token
    • 8 Marquise Wood Tokens
    • 18 Marquise Buildings
    • 7 Eyrie Roost Buildings
    • 10 Woodland Alliance Sympathy Tokens
    • 3 Woodland Alliance Base Buildings
    • 3 Vagabond Relationship Markers
    • 23 Items
      • 7 Starting Items
      • 4 Ruin Items
      • 12 Craftable Items
    • 4 Ruins
    • 12 Winter Board Clearing Suit Markers

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