Rivals For Catan – CATAN GmbH


Rivals for Catan by CATAN GmbH

Ages 10 and up
2 Players

Build your domain and best your rival in Rivals for Catan! This strategic two-player card game places players in the roles of prince or princess of Catan. Under their rule, Catan can flourish into a bustling land! Build roads, settlements, cities, and buildings, as well as ships to promote trade. Defend your land through politics, invention, and intrigue. It will take cunning, wit, strategy, and a dash of luck to determine the true prince or princess of Catan!

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Rivals For Catan by CATA GmbH available at Gnome Games

Players take on the role of prince or princess of Catan in this two-player card game. Players must decide the fate of its settlers by building settlements, roads, cities and buildings, as well as hiring heroes and boosting trade with ships. Rivals for Catan has several different games to introduce players to the mechanics of the game, as well as stepping them through the tale of Catan. After the introductory game, there are three themed games: “The Era of Gold” in which the struggle for trade advantage becomes more intense, “The Era of Turmoil” where traitors, archers, and arsonists make life a bit tougher, and “The Era of Progress” in which the land is peaceful once again. Once the themed games have been completed, it’s time to play Duel of the Princes! Duel mode uses all the mechanics introduced and provides an intensely strategic game for two players.

Game Contents

  • 180 Cards
  • Production Die
  • Event DieFind Rivals for Catan by CATAN GmbH at Gnome Games
  • Commerce Token
  • Knight Token
  • Rules
  • Card Index

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