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No Stress Chess by Winning Moves Games

Ages 7 and up
2 Players

Learn chess in an entirely new way with No Stress Chess! This game offers a two-sided game board as well as a deck of action cards; one side is for beginners, showing players where pieces go and how they move, and the other side is for a standard unaided games. The action cards depict each chess piece and explains how they move, and can be used as reference cards or in a gameplay style in which you play the piece on the card you draw. No Stress Chess provides a quick, easy, and stress-free environment for anyone to learn how to play chess.

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No Stress Chess by Winning Moves Games available at Gnome Games

Chess is known as the world’s greatest game, but learning it can be a daunting task! No Stress Chess offers an exciting, quick, stress-free way of learning how to play this classic game. Each player has a stack of cards. These cards depict a chess piece, and how they move. A player only moves the piece on the card on that turn. This eliminates the need to memorize all the pieces and moves in advance, but before you know it you’ll have them memorizes! One side of the board also has the beginning squares labelled, so setting up the board is a breeze. Once players are comfortable with the moves and powers of each chess piece, you can flip the board over, put the deck aside, and play a game of chess unaided! But you can always use the cards as a reference, if you need a little refresher.

Here’s how to play No Stress Chess

Game Contents

  • 2-Sided Chess Board
  • 16 Black Pieces
  • 16 Ivory PiecesFind No Stress Chess by Winning Moves Games at Gnome Games
  • 56 Action Cards
  • Plastic Card Tray
  • Instructions

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