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My Very First Game – My First Orchard

The entire family will enjoy this cooperative game of picking fruit together – before the pesky raven gets it!  High quality fun from HABA is always available at Gnome Games.

Children have fun playing My First Orchard at Gnome Games


My First Orchard from HABA

Families with young children will enjoy playing the My Very First Games – My First Orchard game from HABA!  This high quality specially designed version of the classic Orchard game is a great “first” game for toddlers! The high quality hardwood fruit pieces are large, designed for smaller hands, and the game even incudes a sturdy basket for children to share as they cooperate to pick all the fruit before the raven visits their orchard. This game can be used as both a game (with game boards and die) and also as a pretend play set of solid, wooden fruit for an fun imaginative play experience.

  • My First Orchard is a cooperative variation of the classic “Orchard” game specifically adapted to suit younger players.
  • Concept of play: Working as a team, the players try to pick the fruits from the trees before the raven reaches the end of the path.
  • When players harvest all the fruit before the raven reaches the orchard, they win together! If the raven gets there first, they lose together against the quick, ravenous raven.
  • The high quality hardwood pieces can also be used as a pretend play set of solid, wooden fruit.
  • Cooperative gameplay is designed to foster social skills and understanding of game rules, develop color recognition skills and teach counting by ones.

How to Play

My First Orchard - Raven -Players plant the orchard, put fruit on the trees, and build the path to the orchard as part of game setup.  Then each player rolls the die and picks the appropriate fruit on their turn.  But that pesky raven is waiting on the path – and every time he shows up on the die, he gets one step closer to eating all your fruit! Players must pick the fruit before he gets to the orchard or the raven wins the game!


My Very First Games – First Orchard includes

1 Raven
1 Fruit basket
4 Green apples
4 Red apples
4 Yellow pears
4 Blue plums
5 Path cards
4 Trees
1 color-symbol die
Set of game instructions


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