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Munchkin Treasure Hunt by Steve Jackson Games

Ages 6 and up
2-6 Players

Move around the dungeon, fighting monsters and collecting treasures! Munchkin Treasure Hunt has the same feel of classic Munchkin, but made to be easily playable by the whole family! Players take turns moving around the board, encountering monsters and using treasures to defeat them.  Like in every version of Munchkin, the goal is to gather as much loot as possible and make it out in one piece. The player with the most gold in their hand at the end of the game is the winner!

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Munchkin Treasure Hunt by Steve Jackson Games available at Gnome Games

With Munchkin Treasure Hunt, now everyone in the family can be a Munchkin! This family-friendly board game has players moving around the board. If you land on a monster, the Monster cards determine how tough it is, and the player must roll dice and use their treasures to beat it. Use things like Protective Kittens or a Broccoli Smoothie to take it down! Be careful, though. This is where the monsters live, and they don’t appreciate you trying to take their stuff. Too bad for them! The player who gathers the most loot and gets out in one piece wins.

Here’s how to play Munchkin Treasure Hunt

Game Contents

  • 100 Cards
  • 2 14mm DiceFind Munchkin Treasure Hunt by Steve Jackson Games at Gnome Games
  • 6 Standees
  • Game Board
  • Rule Sheet

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