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Munchkin Gets Promoted 2 by Steve Jackson Games

Ages 10 and up
3-6 Players

You might not get an actual promoted with this Munchkin Gets Promoted 2 pack of cards, but you¬†will get 15 Munchkin promotional cards! Some out-of-print and hard to find Doors and Treasures that you’d have to hunt down one by one otherwise are included in this pack. It might not be a job promotion, but it might just be better than a nominal raise and a stricter dress code.

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Munchkin Gets Promoted 2 by Steve Jackson Games available at Gnome Games

Sometimes it’s hard to find those limited-edition promo cards! Now you don’t have to search any further, at least for these 15 Doors and Treasures.

Munchkin Gets Promoted 2 includes:

  • Angry Bards
  • Boa Constructor
  • Book Wyrm
  • Cloak of Anonymity
  • Club of Fighting
  • Deodorant Stick
  • Ear Worm
  • Game Mechanic
  • Go Down a Level
  • Go Up a Level
  • Lightning Bolt
  • Oil Derek
  • Pub Knight
  • Rollback
  • Wand of Dousing

This is an expansion to Munchkin and requires a base game to play.

Game Contents

  • 15 Cards
  • Rules


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