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Mangaka by Japanime Games

Ages 12 and up
4-8 Players

Are you a fantastic artist? …no? Well, that’s okay, because in Mangaka, you can rise to comic artist fame without ever having drawn a stick figure in your life! Use your quick wit, creative storytelling, and sense of humor, and even the worst artistic abilities can be forgiven. Each artist has specific topics that they need to include in their comic, and each round the hot new trend changes. Perhaps you need to have a story about dinosaurs and tea parties, but lately people have been all about space travel! Figure out how to create the best manga, and you’ll walk away with fortune and fame!

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Mangaka by Japanime Games available at Gnome Games

“Manga” is the japanese word for “comics” or “graphics novels”, and a “Mangaka” is a comic artist. So, it’s time to draw a become a mangaka and draw a comic! Don’t think your artistic abilities are up to par? Don’t worry, because what matters most is telling a great story. In Cartooner, all up-and-coming comic artists have Obsessions – what they love and want to create in their art. Maybe your favorite topics are sharks, skeletons, and space travel! But unfortunately, artists can’t just draw what they love. They must follow hot, but fickle, trends in the market. Each round these trends come and go, and if you want to create the most popular comic, you’ll have to work with these trends! At the end, whichever artist gathered the most Fame is the winner.

Game Contents

  • 136 Theme Cards
  • 52 Trend Cards
  • 80 1-Point Fame TokensFind Mangaka by Japanime Games at Gnome Games
  • 80 5-Point Fame Tokens
  • 64 Comic Pages
  • Rulebook

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