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Mage Knight by WizKids

Ages 14 and up
1-4 Players

This exciting game of exploration and conquest mixes character development, intrigue, and combat in a truly unique experience! Will you gain the favor of the people, or will you rise to the top through violence? Will you work together with your fellow Mage Knights, or will you find yourself sleeping with one eye open? There are many paths to victory, but which one you choose is up to you. Play cooperatively or competitively, single player or with friends – the choices are limitless!

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Mage Knight by WizKids available at Gnome Games

Will you be a benevolent leader, or a brutal dictator? It’s up to you to decide! In this game, players take on the role of a Mage Knight and must control their reputation as they accumulate fame and experience. Build your armies, disband marauding enemies, and conquer cities! There are many paths to victory, but the decision is yours to make. This unique game comes with a variety of campaign options, allowing it to be played cooperatively or competitively. Will you work together with your follow knights, or will you sleep with one eye open?

Here’s an overview of Mage Knight

Game Contents

  • 240 Cards
  • 8 Intricately Painted Miniatures
  • 196 Tokens
  • 20 Map Tiles
  • 54 Mana Crystals
  • 7 Mana Dice
  • 2 Game MatsFind Mage Knight by WizKids at Gnome Games
  • 2 Rulebooks

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