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There once was a very old viticulturist. It’s come time to pass along his vineyard to an heir… but who will it be? In his will it states the vineyard will go to whomever can get the best yield from it. In La Viña, players compete to collect grapes, sell them to local wineries, and gain prestige. Players must move down different tracks, each representing rows of grapes, collecting different types of grapes. At the end of the track is a winery they can deliver to. But players must be careful, because different wineries prefer different types of grapes, and will give the best rewards to those who can fulfill their desires! Gain the most prestige points to win the game!

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La Viña by DevirGames available at Gnome Games

Fight to inherit a magnificent, but nearly abandoned, vineyard in La Viña! Players advance along the board, down tracks that represent the rows of a vineyard, and collect cards with the most interesting grapes. Each track has grape cards on either side, so players have a wide selection of cards they can choose from each turn. At the end of a track, different wineries wait for your grapes! Each one prefers a different kind of grape variety, so choose carefully to get the best reward for your harvest. Once a player has made their last grape delivery, the game is done. Players tally up their prestige points gained through deliveries, and the player with the most points wins!

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Game Contents

  • 72 Grape Cards
  • 10 Starting Basket Cards
  • 6 Basket Cards
  • 5 Grape Picker Cards
  • 7 Grape PickersFind La Vina and other great DevirGames products at Gnome Games
  • 16 Winery Cards
  • 1 Winemaking Cooperative Card
  • 30 Barrel Counters
  • 8 Wildcard Grape Counters
  • 12 Tool Counters
  • 67 Prestige Counters
  • 7 Figures

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Dimensions7 × 5 × 1.5 in

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