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Kids on Bikes RPG by Renegade Game Studios

Ages 12 and up
2-6 Players

Kids on Bikes is a roleplaying game in which players take on the roles of everyday people. With the beautifully illustrated rulebook, dive into the unique narrative world of Kids on Bikes and go on an adventure! Set in small towns before everyone had a camera phone that could catch video proof of a ghost or GPS tracking to help if you get lost in a dark forest. Set in a more mysterious time, anything and everything could happen. Rules-light and fast-paced, Kids on Bikes is perfect for beginners to roleplaying games as well as seasoned players that just want to jump right in.

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Kids on Bikes by Renegade Game Studios available at Gnome Games

Set in small towns, Kids on Bikes is a collaborative storytelling roleplaying game with big adventures! Players will take on the roles of average people dealing with very un-average problems. Strange, terrifying, and extremely powerful forces are at work that can not be defeated, controlled, or even fully understood. Work together, use your strengths, and know when you just have to run away as fast as you can.

The door to the old house creaks open, the rust on the hinges groaning as you see the dust floating like spores in the air inside. By the faint light of your cheap flashlights, you see the stairs to the upper floor, its railings gnarled and broken like crooked teeth. Their curve makes the stairs seem almost like a hungry grin, and you wonder if their age will support your weight. Still, you must go in.


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Book Contents

  • Softcover:

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    • 80-page full-color book

  • Deluxe Hardcover:

    • 156-page full-color book

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