Kahuna – Thames & Kosmos


Kahuna by Thames & Kosmos

Ages 10 and up
2 Players

Two players take on the roles of opposing Kahuna – ancient sorcerers of the Pacific – to find out who is more powerful! The goal is to control as many of the twelve islands as possible by connecting them with bridges and spreading their influence. While the magic and wisdom of the Kahuna helps, magic is no good without strategy! Wait for the right moment to strike and gain the upper hand. Kahuna comes with several game variations for players who prefer a more tactical approach, or for players who aren’t familiar with the gameplay.


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Kahuna by Thames & Kosmos available at Gnome Games

Two ancient sorcerers of the Pacific compete to rule the South Seas in this two-player strategy game! Players struggle to bring as many of the twelve islands as possible under their control. Connect the islands using bridges, and establish influence on the islands. But maintaining control is not simple! The opposing player will be trying to place their own bridges and claim control of the islands themself! After three rounds, whoever has the most islands under their control is the winner!

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Game Contents

  • 1 Game Board
  • 50 Kahuna Bridges
    • 25 Black BridgesFind Kahuna and other great Thames & Kosmos games at Gnome Games
    • 25 White Bridges
  • 20 Kahuna Tokens
    • 10 Black Tokens
    • 10 White Tokens
  • 24 Island Cards


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