Ingenious – Thames & Kosmos


Ingenious by Thames & Kosmos

Ages 8 and up
1-4 Players

Race to 18 points in each color in this abstract tile-placement game! Players take turns placing domino-style tiles, made of two hexagons connected on one side, each with a colored symbol on it. Once placed, players earn points for every already-placed hexagon of the same color that surrounds the one just placed. But unlike most games where your highest score is the winner, Ingenious compares players’ lowest scores to declare the winner! Play your tiles carefully and strategically to make sure none of your color scores dip too low! Ingenious includes rules for solitaire play for players who want a solo game experience.

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Ingenious by Thames & Kosmos available at Gnome Games

Ingenious is a unique abstract tile-placement game known and played around the world. In this game players take turns placing tiles onto the hexagonal grid on the board. Each tile, in the shape of two connected hexagons, has two colored symbols on it. On their turn, a player takes a tile from their rack and places it onto an empty spot on the board. The player scores one point in the hexagon’s color for each already-placed hexagon of the same color that surrounds the piece. Players are all racing to get to 18 points in each color, so players must play strategically and in a well-rounded way – racking up points in one color won’t win the game!  Ingenious includes rules for solitaire and team play and plays well as a solo or family game.

Here’s how to play Ingenious


Game Contents

  • 1 Game Board
  • Have fun playing Ingenious by Thames and Kosmos from Gnome Games120 Tiles
  • 1 Bag
  • 4 Racks
  • 4 Score Boards
  • 24 Scoring Blocks
  • Rulebook

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Dimensions11.6 × 11.6 × 2.8 in

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