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Heart of Crown by Japanime Games

Ages 12 and up
2-4 Players

There are seven princesses in line to take the throne, but they need some help! Back one of the princesses and help them rise to the throne in Heart of Crown! Collect tax revenue from villages and cities, gather support from your loyal followers, and spread your influence across the land. And if your princess is in a pinch, sometimes a bribe is necessary to help get ahead. The first player to 20 Succession Points gets to initiate a coronation, and if it is successful they are declared the winner and crowned the ruler of the empire.

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Heart of Crown by Japanime Games available at Gnome Games

The ruler of an empire fell ill and died without naming a successor. Someone must take the throne… will it be you? In Heart of Crown, players back one of seven imperial princesses, all in line for the throne. Every player begins with the same deck, but as the game continues, players build this deck to become more powerful. Collect territory cards to collect taxes, gather the support of your loyal subjects, and spread your influence across the empire! Once you control 20 Succession Points, a player may declare a coronation, but it isn’t that easy to become the new ruler! Your opponents will attempt to interrupt your coronation so they can rise to the throne themselves. If your coronation succeeds, your princess is declared the new ruler of the empire and you win the game!

Here’s how to play Heart of Crown

Game Contents

  • 300 Cards
    • 6 Princess Cards
    • 2 Rare Cards
    • 150 Common CardsĀ Find Heart of Crown and other great Japanime Games product at Gnome Games
    • 48 Basic Succession Cards
    • 28 Farming Village Cards
    • 30 City Cards
    • 20 Large City Cards
    • 16 Calamity Cards
  • 30 Randomizer Cards
  • 41 Dividers
  • 75 Counters
  • Rulebook
  • Room for two expansions

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