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Gunkimono by Renegade Game Studios

Gunkimono is the Mensa Select 2019 winner

Ages 10 and up
2-5 Players

In war-torn feudal Japan, the soldiers are restless. The endless battles, betrayals, and broken promises have the soldiers questioning where their loyalties lie. But you are no footsoldier – you are a daimyo, leading the charge and plotting your military advance across the countryside. Gather your troops, create strongholds, and strategize your battles all while keeping a careful eye on your opponents. They have the same goal as you, and there can only be one victor.

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Gunkimono by Renegade Game Studios available at Gnome Games

In Gunkimono, players take on the roles of daimyo – the great lords who were vassals of the shogun in war-torn feudal Japan. These daimyo must strategize, marshal their troops, and erect strongholds to bolster the strength of their army, all in pursuit of honor and ultimate victory. Each new squad of troops yields victory points, but you may decide to forego these points and save up for your stronghold instead. All the while, you need to keep an eye on your opponents, so that their forces do not grow too large and expand at your expense.


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Game Contents

  • 1 Game Board

  • 25 Small Army Tiles (1 troop each) – infantry, samurai, cavalry, spearman, archer

  • 60 Large Army Tiles (2 troops each)

  • 15 War Banner Tiles – dragon, crane, lotus

  • 10 Strongholds

  • 5 Daimyo Figures

  • 5 Daimyo TilesFind Gunkimono and other great Renegade Game Studios games at Gnome Games

  • 1 Start Player Sword

  • 1 End-of-Game Tile

  • 25 Honor Markers

  • 1 Cover Tile

  • 1 Rulebook

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