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Godspeed by Pandasaurus Games

Ages 10 and up
2-5 Players

We never even wanted to land on the moon. There was no need to. In Godspeed, players take on the role of five different nations all participating in the Space Race. But in this universe, the Space Race was nothing more than a coverup for the real reason for the giant budgets and the agencies. The goal is to colonize an Exoplanet in your nation’s name before anyone else can beat you to it. It’s a one-way ticket out to this distant planet, so you don’t have much of a choice…

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The Space Race was a lie. No, not the moon landing – that was real. But it was just a cover up. A grand spectacle to justify the massive budgets and work going into what was really happening.

Godspeed is a worker placement game in which players take on the role of scientists from five different nations: USA, Japan, Soviet Union, the European Nations, and India. Players are attempting to colonize a planet far, far from Earth for their nation. But the people back home don’t know that! Nations must respond to events back on Earth, while also juggling things happening on the Exoplanet they’re attempting to colonize. Players must carefully use their resources, workers, and budget to earn prestige and win the game!

Here’s how to play Godspeed

Game Contents

  • Game Board
  • 25 Production Building Tiles
  • 5 Nation Boards
  • 25 Team Members
  • 20 Prestige Scoring MarkersFind Godspeed by Pandasaurus Games at Gnome Games
  • Round Marker
  • First Player Token
  • Tiebreaker Marker
  • Credits Marker
  • Lithonium Marker
  • Munitions Marker
  • Tech Marker
  • Rovers Marker
  • 7 Milestone Statues
  • 8 Relic Power Tiles
  • 20 Flag Scoring Markers
  • Score Pads
  • 5 Reference Cards
  • 12 Lunar Season Cards
  • 8 Cargo Hold Cards
  • 62 Supply Cards
  • 10 Initial Objective Cards
  • 25 High Council Cards
  • 144 Development Cards

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