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Gates of Delirium by Renegade Game Studios

Ages 14 and up
2-4 Players

Will you remain sane and, alongside your investigators, search for maps, lost pages, and ultimately the truth? Or will you lose your grip on reality and go insane, building gates to another dimensions in order to release the powerful monstrosities? Each round of Gates of Delirium is chosen to be either Sane or Insane, and the two play differently with entirely separate goals and action. Earn the most victory points in whatever way you can before the last monstrosity is released into the world. Will you discover the truth, or will it consume you?

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Gates of Delirium by Renegade Game Studio available at Gnome Games

You need to find out the truth. You’ve heard the rumors, the rumors of ancient runes and the lost pages of a destroyed tome that hides details of ancient and evil monstrosities. As you press on, closer to the truth, you can’t help but feel less attached to reality. Sometimes you lost track of time and can’t account for hours, or even days, at a time. There’s something whispering in your mind, growing stronger… Could you be the hidden architect of the Gates of Delirium?

Sanity and insanity are opposite sides of the same coin. In Gates of Delirium, players will have a hand of split action cards: one side sane, and the other insane. Every round, one player will decide if it is a sane or insane round, and all players must play that side of their cards. Sane rounds will allow players to search for maps and the lost pages to the secret tome, while assigning investigators to help in their efforts.  During the Insane Rounds players collect ancient runes and build Gates in an attempt to release the monstrosities that their sane selves have been trying to prevent. Earn the most victory points before the last monstrosity is released!

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Game Contents

  • 1 Game Map (double sided)

  • 80 Action Cards

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  • 90 Gate Cards

  • 40 Investigators (10 per player)

  • 4 Player Journals (1 per player)

  • 4 Score Markers (1 per player)

  • 24 Desperation Tokens

  • 7 Scroll Cards

  • 6 Monstrosity Discs

  • 1 Sanity Disc (double sided)

  • Rulebook

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