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Flip Ships by Renegade Game Studios

Ages 8 and up
1-4 Players

Flip your ships with dexterity and cooperation to take down the powerful mother ship that is threatening your planet! Take on the role of brave pilots and defeat the wave after wave of fighters filling the sky. Survive the ambush by working together with the rest of the fleet and save your home!

Having fun playing Flip Ships from Gnome Games

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Flip Ships by Renegade Game Studios available at Gnome Games

Flip Ships is a cooperative dexterity game where players take on the roles of brave pilots defending their planet from an ambush attack. The mother ship appeared suddenly, casting a shadow over the city, before sending out wave after wave of fighters. Flip your ships to take out the encroaching enemies and take down the powerful mother ship before it’s too late. The ships that are ready aren’t much, but don’t give up as the planet prepares the rest of their fleet. Explosions fill the sky and the ships have taken a few hits, but you can make it through this together!


Here’s how to play Flip Ships


Game Contents

  • 28 Ship discs

  • 12 Pilot Cards

  • 60 Enemy cards

  • 1 Targeting Computer Card

  • Have fun playing Flip Ships at Gnome Games

    6 double sided interlocking tiles

  • 1 Docking bay card

  • 1 Enemy Mother Ship

  • 1 City Health Marker

  • 1 Mother Ship Health Marker

  • 1 Turn Order Marker

  • 1 Launch Pad

  • 1 Rulebook

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