Fantahzee – Alderac Entertainment Group


Fantahzee by Alderac Entertainment Group

Ages 14 and up
2-4 Players

It happened at first light, before anyone knew what had happened. The town of Devil’s Burden is under attack! Armies of monsters led by powerful commanders are breaking through the defenses, and it’s up to you to stop them. Try to prevent the most important parts of town from being destroyed, and defeat the hordes. Lead wisely, as each hero brings their own talents to the party. Roll the dice to activate the heroes in your party and destroy the monsters. Balance between saving dice and rerolling others to best attack, defend, and counterattack. Who will be the ultimate defender of Devil’s Burden in this dice-rolling, monster-slaying, treasure-gathering game?

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Fantahzee by Alderac Entertainment Group available at Gnome Games

The town of Devil’s Murden is under attack! Armies of monsters, each led by a terrible and powerful commander, are breaking through the defenses and overrunning the town! No one knows why they’re here, but they must be stopped. It’s your job to defend the town! Thankfully you won’t be alone. Recruit warriors, mages, and steam-dwarves to help you keep the town safe! Roll the dice to activate their abilities and send those monsters packing. Once three of the five bosses are defeated, the other two will go running home with their tail between their legs! Earn the most victory points as you defend the town to win!

Game Contents

  • 95 Hero Cards
  • 10 Town Cards
  • 60 Horde CardsFind Fantahzee and other great AEG games at Gnome Games
  • 9 Treasure Cards
  • 20 6-sided dice
  • 4 Tokens
  • Rulebook


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