Epic Encounters 5E – Swamp of the Hydra


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Discover everything you need to run a truly epic encounter with a Hydra! Whether your players are new or experienced, Swamp of the Hydra is packed with enough prompts, stats, and hydra knowledge to set your imagination alight.¬† This set, featuring a prewritten campaign guide and a fantastically detailed mini for your big boss, ¬†gives any Gamemaster the tools to create a cinematic experience that will challenge and excite their players. Additionally, this set is designed to work with the 5th Edition of the world’s favorite roleplaying game. To sum up, if you like big scary monsters, well-designed campaigns, and miniatures, all in an easy to play box? Then this set is for you! Don’t forget to pick up a set of dice too!

1 Swamp Hydra Miniature (100mm Base)
12 Bloodwood Goblin Tokens
1 Poison Gas Tokens
6 Unstable Turf Tokens
1 Double-sided Game Mat
1 Adventure Book
Monster’s Stats
Tips & tricks for building tension and excitement

Miniatures supplied unpainted and pre-assembled.


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