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Dominion: Alchemy by Rio Grande Games

Ages 14 and up
2-6 Players

Dominion: Alchemy is the 3rd expansion to the Dominion game series and has 150 cards, with 12 new Kingdom cards. These cards include things like Potions, which can be reused with an Herbalist. This expansion focuses on Alchemy and related actions. There’s something strange going on in the castle basement laboratory. They’re looking to turn lead into gold, asking for weird things like quicksilver or bits of your hair. What’s going on here?

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Dominion: Alchemy by Rio Grande Games available at Gnome Games

Dominion: Alchemy is the 3rd expansion to Dominion. It adds 150 new cards including 12 new Kingdom cards to the game. The main themes in this expansion are Potions and Actions. Potions can be created and reused if done correctly, and action cards like Transmute allow you to trash cards for different rewards. Things like the Scrying Pool and Golem give players a sneak peek at what is in their, and other peoples’, decks.

This is an expansion to Dominion and requires the base game to play. You can find it here!

Game Contents

  • 150 Cards
  • Plastic Organizer Tray
  • Organizing Inlay
  • Rulebook

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