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Dice Hospital by Alley Cat Games

Ages 10 and up
1-4 Players

Doctor, come quick! The dice patients are rolling in from the ambulances and it’s up to you to save them! In Dice Hospital, players must run a hospital and treat patients, hire specialists, and raise their reputation. Heal your patients and discharge them once they’re healthy – the more patients leave on a single turn, the more points you earn! Play your moves carefully and get yourself a gurney-load of points. Dice Hospital also has a solo variant for a solitaire game experience.

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Dice Hospital by Alley Cat Games available at Gnome Games

Can you keep a hospital running smoothly? In Dice Hospital, players must use their staff to treat patients as effectively as possible. Sometimes a specialist is needed for certain situations, and can help players earn more points! Low scores on the dice represent low health, so you’ll have to heal your little dice patients in order to get the most points! Any patients that don’t make it lose you points at the end of the game. Build your hospital, hire new staff, and grow your reputation as the best hospital around to win the game!

Here’s how to play Dice Hospital

Game Contents

  • 4 Starting Hospital boards
  • 24 Department tiles
  • 24 Specialist cards
  • 5 Ambulance cards
  • 4 Player Reference cards
  • 8 Hospital Administrator cards
  • 63 six-sided diceFind Dice Hospital by Alley Cat Games at Gnome Games
  • 1 opaque bag for the dice
  • 41 Meeples
  • 1 Score/round tracker board
  • 1 Round marker
  • 8 Score markers
  • 1 First Player token
  • 16 Blood bag tokens
  • 14 Fatality tokens
  • 15 Event cards
  • 15 Medical Report cards


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