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Dungeons & Dragons: Adventure Grid from Wizards of the Coast

Enjoy exciting and accurate tactical combat with this double-sided Adventure Grid! One side has a stone ground, perfect for use in a dungeon or city, while the other has a natural, grassy look for rural encounters. The illustration offers an exciting setting while still being customizable by any creative Dungeon Master willing to to do some drawing. It has a laminate finish that makes both wet and dry-erase pens usable without fear of staining or damaging the surface. It also folds up for easy transport and storage!


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Dungeons & Dragons: Adventure Grid from Wizards of the Coast available at Gnome Games

Whether your party is in the woods or in a dungeon, sometimes combat gets tactical. This sturdy double-sided adventure grid folds up for easy transportation, and lays flat during use. It has a laminate finish that can handle wet or dry-erase markers without fear of staining. One side features a stone floor perfect for dungeons or cities, and the other side has a natural terrain suitable for rural encounters. The grid is one-inch, and printed so multiple can be lined up for a larger map if needed. Enjoy accurate and exciting combat!


  • 1 double-sided tactical adventure grid

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