Custom Heroes – Alderac Entertainment Group


Custom Heroes by Alderac Entertainment Group

Ages 14 and up
2-6 Players

Get rid of all your cards as quickly as possible in this fast-paced, card-crafting, trick-taking game! At the beginning of each round, a player leads and plays one or more cards with matching values. Then, the next player follows and plays an equal number of cards with matching or greater values. What makes Custom Heroes unique is the card-crafting mechanic! Modify your cards with upgrades, giving them special abilities and increase their value! Cards are constantly evolving, so players will need to be on their toes and change their strategies on the fly!

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Custom Heroes by Alderac Entertainment Group available at Gnome Games

Custom Heroes offers an exciting new twist on the classic trick-taking game genre! This fast-paced, strategic game of strategy pits players against each other in an attempt to get rid of their cards as quickly as possible. Players can play sets of cards that have the same or greater value and the same number in the set as the previous player, but there’s a twist! Players eventually gather resources that allow them to Card Craft the cards in their hand! This means that they can upgrade cards to alter the value and give special abilities to cards! As the game progresses, cards get increasingly complex and valuable! To add even more strategy to the game, there’s a wagering mechanic that can create surprise comebacks!

Here’s how to play Custom Heroes

Game Contents

  • 60 Cards
  • 84 Card AdvancementsFind Custom Heroes and other great AEG games at Gnome Games
  • 80 Card Sleeves
  • 76 Victory Point Tokens
  • 36 Power Tokens
  • 6 Player Screens
  • 1 Card Advancement Bag
  • Rulebook

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