Cities: Skylines – Thames & Kosmos


Cities: Skylines by Thames & Kosmos

Ages 10 and up
1-4 Players

Work together to plan, build, and maintain a thriving city where people are happy! There’s a lot to take into consideration for what makes a city pleasant to live in; cleanliness, quality of education, ease of travel, and more. Reach various milestones and grow your city bigger and bigger! The modular board gives players the ability to play scripted introductory scenarios, or to place pieces in any way they want. You can try to build the city you live in, or maybe a landscape that’s completely preposterous! Can you and your teammates create the perfect city?

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Cities: Skylines by Thames & Kosmos available at Gnome Games

The popular city-building video game is back, but this time, on your table as a board game! Players must work together to plan, build, and ultimately manage a city. There’s a lot to take into consideration for a successful city full of happy citizens. There are things like environment, crime, traffic flow, and education to think about! Once players develop the city to meet a certain milestone, the board is expanded with another board tile, and a new milestone is chosen. Once all the milestones are finished, the game is won. But it’s not that easy! There is only one city treasury, and all players share funds. Run out of money, you go bankrupt and lose! Scenarios, unique roles, and policies vary greatly from game to game. This creates a new and exciting play experience every time!

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Game Contents

  • 6 Game Board Pieces
  • 9 Utility Buildings
  • 18 Service Buildings
  • 10 Unique Buildings
  • 24 Residential Zones
  • 12 Commercial Zones
  • 12 Industrial Zones
  • 30 Money Tokens
  • 8 Administration Markers
  • 1 Starting Player TokenFind Cities Skylines and other great Thames & Kosmos games at Gnome Games
  • 1 Administration Board
  • 75 Construction Cards
  • 10 Unique Building Cards
  • 10 Role Cards
  • 1 “End of a Milestone” Overview Card
  • 10 Policies Cards
  • 10 News Cards
  • 4 Turn Overview Cards
  • 2 Mounting Feet
  • 2 Happiness Indicators
  • 1 Skyline


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