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Catapults & Crossbows by Thames & Kosmos

Ages 8 and up

Learn physics the fun way with this Catapults & Crossbows building kit! Construct five different types of crossbows as well as five catapults and trebuchets, and learn how they work. This experiment kit and the working models you can build with it introduce physic concepts such as energy, motion, forces, and projectiles. The bolts for the crossbows that come included in this kit are foam-tipped and specially made to be the only thing that fit in the crossbow, so nothing else can be fired. Time to get medieval on physics!

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Catapults & Crossbows by Thames & Kosmos available at Gnome Games

Have fun with physics with this educational building kit! Build ten sleek and updated models of catapults, trebuchets, and crossbows. These classic siege weapons are fun, and additionally are great for teaching lessons in force, energy, motion, and projectiles. Included are materials to make five different types of  bows with bolts to fire, as well as materials for five trebuchets and catapults. The bolts provided have a safe foam tip and a special cross-section that prevents other projectiles from behind launched by the crossbow. The full-color manual has step-by-step, fully illustrated instructions. It’s time to get medieval!

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Product Contents

  • Materials to make 5 different crossbows with bolts
  • Materials to make 5 catapults and trebuchets
  • 32-page full-color manualFind Catapults & Crossbows and other great Thames & Kosmos products at Gnome Games

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