Catan – CATAN GmbH


Catan by CATAN GmbH

Ages 10 and up
3-4 Players

The island of Catan – full of resources and completely uncharted. It’s a race between you and the other discoverers of this island to build your settlements and expand! Strategically branch across the island to gain access to all the resources, and build your little settlements into large cities. Barter, deal, and trade with the other players to gain the upper hand. But watch out! There’s a Robber on the island ready to dash your hopes if you hoard materials! This classic strategy game is simple to learn but has incredible depth that will keep you coming back for more.

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Catan by CATAN GmbH available at Gnome Games

After a long voyage, your ships have reached the coast of an uncharted island. You decide it shall be named… Catan. But you are not the only discoverer of this island! Other seafarers have also landed on its previously unknown shores. The race to settle the island has begun!

In Catan, players are competing to build up settlements, roads, and cities on the island. Player build their settlements on different spots that have access to a variety of resources: lumber, ore, wool, bricks, and grain. Each of these hexagonal tiles has a number assigned to it, and when that number is rolled, that hex produces its resource to whichever players have a settlement touching it. Players will quickly find themselves with an excess of one resources, and not enough of another – that’s where trading comes in! Make trades with your opponents to get what you need to expand! The first player to ten victory points, gained by building, collecting resources, and more, is the winner!

Game Contents

  • 6 Frame Pieces
  • 9 Harbor Pieces
  • 19 Terrain HexesFind Catan by CATAN GmbH at Gnome Games
  • 95 Resource Cards
  • 25 Development Cards
  • Longest Road Special Victory Point Card
  • Largest Army Special Victory Point Card
  • The Robber
  • 2 6-Sided Dice
  • 18 Number Tiles
  • 5 Settlements, 4 Cities, 15 Roads, Building Costs Card (Each in Four Colors)


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