Cat Lady – Alderac Entertainment Group


Cat Lady by Alderac Entertainment Group

Ages 14 and up
2-4 Players

Feed, play with, and simply pamper as many kitties as possible in this charming game of felines. Care for them properly and earn the most points to be the winner! Different cats have different needs, so players will need to carefully decide which resources to collect and which cats to collect. The game adjusts depending on how many players you have, so two player games won’t feel boring or frustrating, and four player games won’t feel chaotic or overwhelming! Grab your cat loving friends and try out this quick and cute kitty collecting game!


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Cat Lady by Alderac Entertainment Group available at Gnome Games

Like Marie Antoinette and Ernest Hemingway, players are feline fanatics! During the game, you and your fellow players aim to collect toys, food, catnip, and costumes for your lovable kitties. But be careful! Make sure you have enough food to feed all of your feline friends, or the hungry cats will subtract points from your score. Pamper the most cats to earn the most points and win the game! With charming art, quick gameplay, and easily accessible rules, this is a fantastic game for any feline fanatic or game lover out there.

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Here’s how to play Cat Lady


Game Contents

  • 102  Game cards
  • 13  Stray cat cards
  • 6  Victory point tokens
  • Enjoy playing Cat Lady from Gnome Games1  Cat token
  • 60  Food cubes
  • 1  Rulebook

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Dimensions19.5 × 14.5 × 4.5 in

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