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Carcassonne: Safari by Z-Man Games

Ages 7 and up
2-6 Players

There are monkeys swinging in the trees, lions lounging in the shade, and elephants at the watering hole! Spot as many wild animals as you can in Carcassonne: Safari. Players must wander across the African plains under the sweltering sun, climb baobab trees, follow trails, and blaze new paths to see everything there is to see. Much like the traditional game of Carcassonne, players place tiles to create their desired paths and place meeples to collect points on features they discover. But in Carcassonne: Safari variety is key! Whoever spots the most animals will amass the most points and be declared the winner.

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Carcassonne: Safari by Z-Man Games available at Gnome Games

Will you brave the sweltering sun of the African plains? In Carcassonne: Safari, players join a safari group to explore the wilderness and spot all the amazing animals that live there. But you’ll have to get creative if you want to see everything! Climb to baobab tree to get a bird’s-eye view, walk the trails slowly to spot the animals hiding in the bush, blaze new trails with the ranger vehicles, and dig watering holes where wildlife can gather. Much like in the original Carcassonne game, players place meeples on features as they discover them to score points. But in the Safari, variety is key! Spot the most animals, collect the most points, and be declared the winner!

Game Contents

  • 72 Land Tiles
  • 50 Animal Tiles
  • Start Tile
  • Scoreboard
  • 5 Scoring Markers
  • 30 MeeplesFind Carcassonne Safari by Z-Man Games at Gnome Games
  • 5 Elephants
  • 2 Safari Trucks
  • Rulebook

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