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Carcassonne: Gold Rush by Z-Man Games

Ages 8 and up
2-5 Players

Return to the 19th century and claim your fortune in this exciting stand-alone game inspired by the classic Carcassonne! Will you hit the mother lode? Or will you be stuck holding fool’s gold? Find out as you construct the landscape of prairies, mountains, cities, railroads, and more! Send your cowboys in to expand the rails, set up shop, construct farms, and most importantly – mine for gold! No matter your path, make sure to act quickly! Everyone here is looking to get rich, and there’s not enough gold for everyone!

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Carcassonne: Gold Rush by Z-Man Games available at Gnome Games

There’s gold in them hills! And it’s up to you to find it! Carcassonne: Gold Rush invites players to stake their claim and make their mark on the Old West. Place tile to construct a landscape of prairies, mountains, cities, and railroads. Cowboys can then be sent in to score points by expanding railroads, setting up shop, constructing farms, and mining for gold. Everyone is looking to get rich quick, so act fast! This high-risk high-reward version of Carcassonne will have some players finding nothing but fool’s hold while others find a rich vein of the real thing. Manage your supply of cowboys and gain dominion over the Old West!

Game Contents

  • Rulebook
  • 72 Land Tiles
  • 25 Cowboys
  • 5 Tents
  • 63 Mining TokensFind Carcassonne: Gold Rush by Z-Man Games at Gnome Games
  • Scoreboard

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