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Carcassonne: Amazonas by Z-Man Games

Ages 8 and up
2-5 Players

Do you have what it takes to become a legendary explorer? Carcassonne: Amazonas sends players on an amazing journey down the Amazon River to discover all the wondrous secrets the rainforest has to offer. Players will find exotic animals, visit villages, and walk along the many tributaries of the Amazon. But there’s no time to dawdle! It takes more than cunning tile placement to win in this version of Carcassonne. It’s also a race down the river! The player whose boat is farthest down the river whenever a new river tile is added earns points. You’ll need to find the balance between placing meeples on features and staying ahead of your opponents!

Find Carcassonne: Amazonas by Z-Man Games at Gnome Games


Carcassonne: Amazonas by Z-Man Games available at Gnome Games

Venture through the lush South American rainforest in Carcassonne: Amazonas! Journey down the Amazon and discover wonderful secrets deep in the jungle. All sorts of things are just waiting to be discovered: animals, villages, tributaries, plants, and more. How you explore the rainforest is entirely up to you! Will you slowly and meticulously place followers on the camps and features you discover? Or will you forge ahead of the competition and push farther and farther down the river? It’s a race to the finish! Do you have what it takes to become a legendary explorer?

Game Contents

  • Rulebook
  • 65 Land Tiles
  • 15 Amazon Tiles
  • Start TileFind Carcassonne: Amazonas by Z-Man Games at Gnome Games
  • 4 Amazon Double-Tiles
  • River Mouth Tile
  • 24 Meeples
  • 10 Camp Pieces
  • Scoreboard

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Dimensions10.75 × 7.5 × 2.62 in
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