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“We are born of the blood, made men by the blood, undone by the blood. Our eyes are yet to open… Fear the old blood.”

Bloodborne: The Board Game is a dark and challenging action game for one to four players. Players take on the role of Hunters, who must explore the town of Yharnam and fight their way through beasts, monsters and frenzied townsfolk to survive the night and uncover the source of the madness that consumes it. Based on the award-winning Bloodborne video game by Sony Interactive Entertainment, the board game brings the beloved title to life with amazing miniatures. A unique card driven-combat mechanic, story-driven campaign, and constantly evolving enemies means a great deal of challenge for those brave enough to seek it out.  Are you up to the task?

The Kickstarter Bundle includes:

  • Bloodborne: The Board Game¬†
  • The Chalice Dungeon Expansion
  • Mergo’s Loft Expansion
  • The Blood Moon Storage Box



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