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Beagle or Bagel from Blue Orange Games


Ages 7 and up

2-6 players

Having fun playing Beagle or Bagel from Gnome Games.

Who knew sleeping dogs and bagels could have such striking similarities? Flip cards fast and be the first to call out “Beagle” or “Bagel” depending on which one is showing the most on the table.

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Beagle or Bagel by Blue Orange Games available at Gnome Games

Who would have thought snoozing canines and bagels could look so much alike? Quickly turn over cards and be the first to shout out “Beagle” or “Bagel” depending on which one is showing the most on the table… after a while you won’t know if you are looking at a cozy, curled up pup, or a tasty bagel! This adorably silly 2-6 player card game offers 3 ways of playing to polish up your skills of observation in fun and unpredictable ways!


How to Play Beagle or Bagel


  • Visual Perception
  • Processing Speed


Game ContentsBeagle or Bagel - a game of spotting the difference at Gnome Games

  • 80 Cards
  • 10 Beagle and Bagel Tokens
  • 24 Life Points
  • Illustrated Rules

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