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Among Thieves - Indie Boards and Cards


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Ages 14+
3-8 Players

Deception and greed are the name of the game. Will you be an honorable thief and spread the wealth? Or be dishonorable and take it all for yourself?


Among Thieves available at Gnome Games


Among Thieves by Indie Board and Cards available at Gnome Games

Among Thieves is a game of deception focused on greed. Players take on the roles of criminals stealing from the mega-corporations of the world. 

Each round, a player becomes the Heistmaster and chooses some of the other players for their heist. The other players can then make offers to try to convince the Heistmaster to allow them to join in. Once the team is formed, you must decide whether to be honorable or dishonorable. Honorable players work with the group while dishonorable players are looking purely for selfish gain. At the end, the player with the most money is the winner – but be careful – whoever has the least honor is removed from the game!

Will you spread the loot around? Or will you back-stab your partners and take it all for yourself?


About the Game


Game Contents

21 Corvid Economics Corporation Cards

21 LeFleur Digital Media Corporation Cards

21 Paragon Gyromatics Corporation Cards

3 Game End Cards

29 Event Cards

1 Game Board

8 Player Screens

8 Honor Track Tokens (in corresponding player colors)

8 Honor Track Discs

103 ISK Tokens (25 [1] Tokens, 37 [2] Tokens, 15 [5] Tokens, 16 [10] Tokens, 10 [25] Tokens)

1 Heistmaster Token

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Dimensions5.9 × 1.8 × 7.9 in

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