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Alicematic Heroes by Japanime Games

Ages 12 and up
3-5 Players

The kingdom of Wonderland has been destroyed, and it’s up to you to rebuild! Players take control of their own personal army of Alices. Strengthen your team, invade opponents’ territory, or bide your time and gather powerful cards and abilities. It’s up to you, but there can only be one winner! After fourteen rounds, the player who controls the most territory is the winner! A modular game board and rule-breaking card effects forms a highly replayable, quirky conquest game.

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Alicematic Heroes by Japanime Games available at Gnome Games

Wonderland has been devastated by an invasion of Nothing, and the Queen of Hearts has summoned Alice to help rebuild… or so she thought! Turns out the Queen accidentally summoned whole armies of Alices! Dozens of Alices have arrived, and now they’re creating teams to see who can best put Wonderland back together. In Alicematic Heroes players take charge of one of these teams. Players have fourteen rounds to conquer territory and push out their opponents. But of course it’s not that simple. Will you strengthen your army first, or overpower your opponents as quickly as possible? Whoever has the most points at the end wins! The modular board and rule-breaking card effects makes this game highly replayable!

Here’s how to play Alicematic Heroes

Game Contents

  • 15 Map TilesFind Alicematic Heroes and other great Japanime Games products at Gnome Games
  • 25 Kingdom Cards
  • 90 Alice Cards
  • 80 Territory Tokens
  • 60 Resource Tokens
  • 40 Victory Point Tokens
  • Rulebook

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