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FNM To-Go! A little Magic for Fridays from Gnome Games

Starting June 5th, Gnome Games is bringing a little Magic back to Fridays!

Due to Covid-19 we are all experiencing similar feelings of loss of community as gathering for events, leagues and Planeswalker Power program have had to be put on hold. Gnome Games wants to give you some opportunities to safely earn some rewards and remind the community that Magic is still going strong!

There are Two ways you can help:

1. Stop and shop at Gnome Games on Friday

Gnome Games is OPEN 10am – 6pm every Friday for limited shopping (masks required) and curbside pickup! Every purchase of sealed Magic: The Gathering will come with a reward* as a thank-you for showing your support to us and Magic!

  • Any New Sealed Magic purchase – 1 Random Promo card
  • Purchase $35 or more new Magic – 1 Normal Promo pack of your choice from available Promo Packs
  • Purchase $70 or more new Magic – 1 additional Normal Promo pack of your choice from available Promo Packs
  • Purchase $100 or more new Magic – 1 premium Promo pack from available Premium Promo Packs
  • You can earn up to 3 total Promo Packs (2 regular, 1 Premium, plus 1 promo card each Friday!)

Sealed products include: Booster packs (collectors and draft), Boxes, Bundles, Commander decks, Planeswalker decks and Box sets for Magic The Gathering.

*While supplies last. Each customer can earn each reward only once per week.

Interested in pre-ordering Core 2021? Preorder and save HERE

2. Play Arena and Share with the community

Play Arena Online – Every Friday Magic: Arena has a special Friday Event where you can earn digital in game rewards! Wizards of the Coast has given us reward codes to distribute to players who share their play experiences with the community!

Magic: Arena can be downloaded for PC HERE

How to get your Free Arena code: Play Magic: Arena’s Friday format (see below for formats). You will earn prizes for your first two wins within the game. Share a Screenshot and Tag your favorite Gnome Games Store to either your personal Facebook wall, or any Public Magic the Gathering Facebook page like Green Bay Magic.

Here are the Gnome Games Page links to use in your tags

Gnome Games Green Bay West
Gnome Games Green Bay East
Gnome Games Appleton


When you tag us it will send us a notification and we will get your prize code sent via private message. Then just redeem it and enjoy some in game perks!

Upcoming Arena FNM formats:

June 5 – Historic

  • Bring a 60-card deck from among any cards available on MTG Arena.

June 12 – Momir

  • You’ll have a deck of all basic lands and an emblem you can click to discard a card and pay X to make a token copy of a random creature card with converted mana cost X.

June 19 – Historic Brawl

  • Not quite Commander at home, but close. Build a 60-card Brawl deck with your Standard and Historic cards, then battle others.

Thank You!

We miss having you all at our tables and we look forward to a time when we can all get together safely. If you have any questions or comments about this program we want to hear from you! Message us on facebook or email us at [email protected]

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What’s new – Warhammer 40K New Edition preview and Adeptus Mechanicus Preorders

New Adeptus Mechanicus available at Gnome Games

What’s new for Warhammer 40K – New Edition Preview and Adeptus Mechanicus Preorders!

Saturday morning is made for Warhammer 40K and Age of Sigmar at the Gnome, and it’s time for a look at what’s new!  This week we have a sneak peek at what awaits in the next edition of Warhammer 40K and some new miniature choices for an old favorite – Adeptus Mechanicus.  Don’t forget to preorder online before Tuesday June 2nd to take advantage of the Gnome Games preorder special as well!

Warhammer 40K New Edition

Last week Games workshop shook things up a bit with the announcement of a new edition of Warhammer 40K.  While we don’t have a date for it yet, and many of the details are still a long way off we do know a few things.

First you can learn about all of the news as it happens on the new Warhammer 40K site.  Don’t worry that you won’t be able to get the cool stuff from Gnome Games – if Games Workshop has it – we can get it for you, and with the Gnome Games Preorder program we’ll save you a little bit of cash as well .  Every Saturday we’ll give you a preorder for the following week (we can’t share that information before Saturday or the folks in Nottingham will send some suit with a chainsword to wreak havoc) and when you preorder online by Tuesday 9 AM – we’ll take at least 10% off your preorder.   Your miniatures will be available Saturday morning at release, waiting for you to assemble paint and play with!

Now here’s a Sneak Peek at the new Warhammer 40K edition trailer

The cool things we already know –

  • Current Codexes and troops will all be playable in the new edition.
  • Narrative play experience – battle experience can be used to improve and harden your troops!
  • Tanks are back!
  • Terrain matters!
  • Combat Patrols to Apocalypse – it’a ll in here
  • New Strategic Reserves
  • The Head Gnomes favorite – Artillery and big guns on the table!
  • Up in the air! YES! – Watch the video to learn more!

Gnome Games will be ready for the new edition and get your armies to you!

What’s New – Adeptus Mechanicus New releases – June 6

Adeptus Mechanicus is getting some new firepower, new troops and a Psychic Awakening on June 6.  Preorder your miniatures and books from Gnome Games before 9 AM June 2 and we’ll have them waiting for you on Saturday June 6, and when you preorder online, you’ll save 10%!   It’s our way of saying thank you for preordering with us (and doing all the data entry work).  Just head over to the Preorder page and grab what you want!

Adeptus Mechanicus newrelease available at Gnome Games

Here’s the new Adeptus Mechanicus releases –

The Rules

Psychic Awakening – Engine War – all the rules and information you;ll need to assemble, deploy and command your Adeptus Mechanicus forces.

The Troops

Warhammer 40K Start Collecting! Adeptus Mechanicus – a new start collecting box with a lot of great options to get started or reinforce your army.

In the Air

Adeptus Mechanicus  Pteraxii – The 5 figure Pteraxii kit builds two new units – the Sterylizors and Skystalkers – to expand the tactical options of the armed forces of the Omnissiah.

Adeptus Mechanicus Archaeopter – the design of the Archaeopter can be assembled in 3 different configureations – the Transvector, Stratoraptor and Fusilave; as a troop transport,  a gunship or as a tactical bomber!

Calvary and Scouts!

Adeptus Mechanicus Serbery’s Raiders – 3 mounted cavalry that can be assembled to be Serberys Raiders or the Serberys Sulphurhounds and are the scouts and shock cavalry of the Adeptus Mechanicus.

The Leader

Adeptus Mecahnicus Tech-Priest Manipulus – on a 50mm base this new tech priest cyber-bad boy knows all, sees all and leads all to victory!

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Magic – Play FNM at Home today – Any Card in Standard on Arena!

Play FNM at Home - Any Card in Standard April 3 2020

It’s Friday and that means it’s time for Friday Night Magic at the Gnome – This week – Play FNM at home!

In Wisconsin Friday nights are made for fish fries and Friday Night Magic, but this week you’ll have to play FNM at home. Wizards of the Coast is helping bring a little extra fun this week with play any card in standard FREE FNM on Magic Arena all day long. Plus, the Gnomes have secret codes to get you some cool card backs for your Arena decks today as well.


What: FNM events that give all MTG players a place to play familiar experiences.

When: April 3 for 24 hours, running Thursday at midnight to Friday at midnight, PT.

Who: Anyone with an MTG Arena account (download MTG Arena here!)

Entry: FREE

This weeks Format:

April 3—All Access Standard – Play any card in standard!

Build a deck with any cards in Standard, whether they’re in your collection or not. Play others, build more decks, play again. Rinse. Repeat.

To fully experience Free Friday Night Magic you’ll want to connect with the Gnomes too! Here’s how.


You can hop in to the Green Bay and Appleton Magic scene a couple of ways:

Facebook Group – Join the Green Bay Magic Group

Post a screenshot of your game today and we’ll get you a special code for the limited edition card backs on Arena

Gnome Games Discord Server: Join us on Discord, with open tables, games specific rooms and a growing community

The codes will award special sleeves on MTG Arena. They’ll look a little something like this:

*Note: While supplies last Limit one code per account. Sharing a screenshot with Gnome Games does not guarantee you will receive a code, but we will keep them coming if we have them to give out

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Contactless Pickup and Delivery now available

Contactless Pickup and Delivery now available
Monday – Saturday

Gnome Games now offers Contactless Pickup from 11 AM – 3 PM Monday – Saturday at all of our stores and a daily Contactless Delivery Service in Green Bay and Appleton – with deliveries between 4 PM and 6 PM Monday – Saturday.

Here’s how Contactless Pickup or Delivery works

  1. We’ll take your online requests on our Facebook Page Messenger anytime, and will process those Monday – Saturday.

    Here’s a link to each stores Facebook Page
    1. Gnome Games Green Bay West
    2. Gnome Games Green Bay East
    3. Gnome Games Appleton East
  2. We will also take Phone Orders from 11 AM – 3 PM Monday – Saturday at the stores
  3. You will have to pay for your games before we set up the pickup or delivery. We can accept credit cards over the phone or message / email you an invoice you can pay online.
  4. After you have paid we’ll set up the pickup or delivery.
  5. Contactless Deliveries – We deliver Monday – Saturday between 4 -6 PM. The gnomes will call you from in front of your home to verify we are in the right place and ask you to show us where you want the games dropped off. We’ll wait for you to go back inside, then bring the games to your doorstep, give them a disinfectant wipedown and step back to make sure you get them. We will not enter any building for delivery.
  6. Contactless Pickup, You can pick up your games and puzzles between 11 – 3 PM Monday – Saturday. When we get your payment we’ll ask you to call us from our parking lot. We’ll put the games on the Contactless Delivery Table by our front door and go back inside. You then exit your vehicle, grab your games and go!

We are also putting all our inventory online as well – at and you’ll be able to order there for local pickup in a few days


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Gnome Games E-Gift Cards Available!

Gnome Games Puzzle Gift Card

Gnome Games Gift Cards are available online!

Want to give the gift of games but can’t make it to Gnome Games?  We’ve got e-Gift Cards available for you to get from home.  Perfect gifts, never expire and sure to bring a smile to whoever you give them to.

Available in virtually any amount!

Click your favorite design and get a Gnome Games Gift Card today

Gnome Games Family Game Night Gift Card
Give the gift of a Family Game Night!

Gnome Games Puzzle Gift Card
Puzzled on what to give a friend? Give a Gnome Games Gift Card!

Gnome Games Magic Gift Card
Give the Gift of a little Gnome Games Magic

Gnome Games Gift Card
Gnome Games Gift Card – a perfect pick me up!

Gnome Games Warhammer Gift Card
Give the Gift of Battle!

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Bring the fun to your home tables, All In Store Play is suspended until further notice

Gnome Games brings the best in tabletop fun and games to the tables, and to keep our staff safe we are suspending all in store play until further notice.

Gnome Games is suspending all in-store play until further notice to ensure the safety of our staff and customers as we take proactive measures to combat COVID-19. We will continue to provide the community with the finest games, puzzles and diversions as the Gnome Games stores will remain open for shopping, curbside pickup and home delivery.

We take the safety of the Gnome Games staff and customers seriously, and are taking the following proactive measures to mitigate the spread of the COVID -19 virus effective immediately.

  • All In Store Play is suspended until further notice. This includes casual play, tournaments, leagues, role-playing events, miniature events, and using the game demo library.  All Play areas are closed to the public.
  • Store Hours are adjusted slightly – 10 AM – 8 PM Mon – Fri, 9 AM – 7 PM Sat, Noon – 6 PM Sunday
  • Only store staff will handle single card binders and pull cards. Please bring your lists, request cards via messenger or email, or shop for in store pick-up at
  • All Outreach and Community Events are cancelled – and we will reschedule as appropriate.
  • We will continue our diligent cleaning and COVID-19 mitigation programs
  • Gnome Home Delivery is available in Green Bay and Appleton. Simply call or message the store, ask for the games you want. We’ll process the transaction via PayPal and deliver to your home for a small fee.
  • Curbside Pickup is now available at all stores. Simply call or message the store you wish to pickup the games at. We’ll have them ready and will bring them out to your vehicle. We can accommodate credit card transactions at the curbside or via PayPal before you arrive
  • Special Orders are always welcome! We’ll get the games you want to play while you are doing your part to fight COVID-19. Simply call, email or message and we’ll get the games you want to play as long as they are available for us to get for you.
  • Returns of games and unopened products are also suspended.  We will honor any returns of unopened merchandise with receipt after the COVID-19 threat has subsided.

What you can do to help

We still ask that if you are sick, not feeling well or may have been exposed, that you don’t come to the store. We’ll do everything within our power to get you great games or puzzles to help the time go a little faster, and so you can have a little fun too. We’ll also continue our diligent measures in the store to keep you safe we announced earlier – – and have modified a few to do it a little safer! If you have a special request please just ask via phone call, email or messenger.

We’d also love to hear and see how you are playing and having a fun at your table! Please share your tabletop fun with the Gnome families on our Facebook pages,We all could use a smile – and when you share yours with us – you double the fun.

We want to thank you for your support in this, as well as for your support of Gnome Games as a business.  We look forward to playing with you soon!

The Head Gnome

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Spring Kill Team at GBE

Spring Kill Team!

Gnome Games Green Bay East (GBE)
League Kickoff: March 14th
League Finale: April 18

Tuesdays – 4pm to 9pm
Wednesdays – 4pm to 9pm
Thursdays – 4pm to 9pm
Saturdays – 9am – 2pm
League Cost: $5 entry (includes all weeks of play plus participation prizes)

It’s time for our Spring Kill Team League

Most of the campaign rules we are following come directly from the book, there are just a few things that we will be handling differently:
– Commander expansion is allowed if both players agree to play with them.
– We Will be using 100 point lists
– Roster Size Maximum: 20 models
– Specialists will now follow the same rules as Fire Teams, meaning they earn an experience point for surviving the mission and can earn an additional experience point by removing one or more enemy models from action.
– Choosing your mission: The mission will be determined using the rules below

Determining the mission:

After you have an opponent, each of you chooses one of the 8 following actions:
1. Advance:
You may take one additional strategy in the Scouting Phase. (Can’t be the same action twice.)
2. Assault:
Opponent rolls a D6 instead of a D10 when rolling for casualties.
3. Command:
Start the game with +2 command points. You no longer generate Command Points at the Beginning of the battle round for being Battle-Forged.
4. Bolster:
Upon victory gain one morale.
5. Demoralize:
Upon victory opponent loses one morale.
6. Raid:
Upon victory steal one territory from opponent.
7. Infiltrate:
Upon victory steal one intelligence from opponent.
8. Loot:
Upon victory steal one material from opponent.

After each of you has chosen, you reveal at the same time. These choices will pick the mission you will play based on the graph below! (the chart will also be available at the store)

If you have any questions or are interested – stop in and check out this awesome game!


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Final Fantasy Opus XI Pre-Release at Gnome Games Green Bay West – March 21

Gnome Games Green Bay West is excited to host a special pre-release event for Final Fantasy Opus XI, the next release for the Final Fantasy Trading Card Game. This is a great opportunity to try out the cards from this latest set and see all the great artwork that Final Fantasy is known for! This will be a sealed event. Each player will get 9 Opus XI booster packs, and exclusive Foil Promo Card, and an exclusive Pack of sleeves!

Gnome Games Green Bay West
Saturday March 21st, 2019
2:00 PM
Price: 39.95

We hope that you are all ready to rumb…shuffle in 2020 with OPUS XI – Soldier’s Return!

This new expansion will feature great Final Fantasy VII characters, splendid artwork as well as a brand new mechanic using card counters. While the release is still a couple months away, we wanted to start sharing the excitement with the contents of the pre-release kit!

Never played a pre-release before? Pre-releases are super fun, casual events, where you can play with the new cards before they are released! There are a few special rules so here is a little list about the pre-release format and special rules that apply!

Limited Sealed

  • Decks must contain at least 40 cards (40 to 41 cards recommended).
  • Victory is attained by inflicting 6 points of damage instead of the usual 7.
  • Players can have more than three copies of the same card in their deck.

Flow of the game:

  • Each player should open their 9 boosters to create their “card pool”.*
  • They should then build a deck using only the cards in their “card pool”.
  • Players should then participate in the tournament using the decks they have built.

*Due to the nature of the format, it is not permitted to use the pre-release promotional card included in the kit as part of the deck.

Thinking about getting a full booster display of Opus XI? Stop in to any Gnome Games store before March 20th to pre-order a display for the special pre-order price of $110 plus tax! This great new set will be available March 27th.

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March Heroclix at Gnome Games Green Bay West

Spring is coming and so are new Heroclix! We’ve got a month of Heroclix fun including a pre-release for the new Justice League Unlimited set!

We play Heroclix at Gnome Games Green Bay West every Saturday at 1:00pm.

Like us on Facebook or check the WizKids Event website to see what this month’s HeroClix events are! You can always sign up ahead of time for our WizKids Events at the WizKids Event Network.

March 7th – Modern Days
Gnome Games Green Bay West
Registration 12:30 pm
Tournament Start 1:00 pm
Entry $5
400 point Modern Format Tournament. 3 rounds.

  • Win a match, win a figure from Martian Manhunter – Despero’s Revenge Monthly OP Kit featuring Martian Manhunter, Batman, and Despero!

March 14th – Wearin’ O’ the Green
Gnome Games Green Bay West
Registration 12:30 pm
Tournament Start 1:00 pm
Entry $5
Modern Format. All characters must be wearing green! 3 rounds.

  • Win a match, win a figure from Green Lantern Corps – Recharge Monthly OP Kit featuring Guy Gardner, John Stewart, and Kyle Rayner!

March 21st – Map Tourney
nome Games Green Bay West
Registration 12:30 pm
Tournament Start 1:00 pm
Entry $5
Golden Age Format. 3 rounds.

  • Each round is a different map. Win the match, win the map you played on!

March 28th – Justice League Unlimited Pre-Release
nome Games Green Bay West
Registration 12:30 pm
Tournament Start 1:00 pm
Entry $25
Sealed. All players will get 2 boosters of the new Justice League Unlimited set to build their team out of. 3 rounds.

  • Prize support to be announced.

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Friday Night Board Game Night at Green Bay West


Wonder what the Gnomes would pick if they got to choose their favorite for Friday Night Board Game? Find out March 13th when Anthony picks one of his favorites for Friday Night Board Games!

Want to learn a new game? Then come to Friday Night Board Games every Friday at Gnome Games Green Bay West. There will be a friendly Gnome always on hand to teach you the game of the night and sometimes we even have some special promo items to give away. Stop in and play a new game every Friday!

Friday Night Board Games are free and we play every Friday from 6 – 9 at Gnome Games Green Bay West

March 6 – Kodama 3-D

In Kodama 3D, players will grow trees in three-dimensional space. Players move their kodama pieces around a 4×4 grid of branch tiles in order to pick the branches they want to add to their tree. When a player adds a branch to their tree that doesn’t match what it is touching, they choose a goal card from the ones available. After all players have placed 12 branches on their tree, players score all of their goal cards. The player with the most points wins.

March 13 – Anthony’s Staff Pick!

This Friday we’re letting the Gnomes choose! It’s Anthony’s turn to pick a game for Friday Night Board Game. Come learn to play what he picks!  Stop in and see what he’s got on the table!


March 20 – Bees

Bees: The Secret Kingdom is family game based on Bees. In the game, players will choose between creating a honey card, or playing a flower card to get pollen tokens. This simple game has 2 modes, the first is for families and younger players, and second, the advanced one, is for adults.

The basic rules are really simple – players can draw two Gathering cards and play one of them, or make Honey using their gathered Resources. Playing Gathering cards grants all the players Resources tokens, but the player who was using this card will gain the greatest benefit. Despite the small coop erative touch, this is a fully competitive game and only the player who gains the most points wins.


March 27 – Nagaraja

Twin temples of two forgotten divinities containing ancient relics have been discovered in India. You set off on a treasure hunt, racing to find them before your rival, but your progress is slowed by a constantly shifting maze of paths… And eternal damnation awaits anyone foolish enough to uncover the three cursed relics of the evil god Garuda!

MOVE QUICKLY…CHOOSE WISELY! A treasure race packed with tough choices, twists & turns!

In this 2-players game, each player moves around their own temple, which has spaces for room tiles and hiding places for 9 sacred and cursed relics around. These relics are placed randomly, facedown, around the temples and worth victory points once flipped face up.
The first player to score 25 victory points wins the game. However, a player loses if they reveal all three cursed relics! Each round, the players compete to win a new room tile by using cards allowing them to throw fate sticks. The player with the most fate points
showing on their sticks wins the room tile and places it in their temple. Each player attempts to create paths leading to their relics, enabling them to flip them face up and score victory points.
Naga symbols on some sticks let you activate cards with powerful effects, so that you can never take anything for granted…

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Pokemon Sword and Shield League Cup

Pokemon Sword and Shield League Cup Promos

Pokemon Sword and Shield League Cup Season is here!

Gnome Games brings you the Sword and Shield Season Pokemon League Cups!

Pokemon Trainers it’s your chance to earn Championship Points on your way to the Pokemon World Championship by playing at Gnome Games! We have 3 League Cup Tournaments for you to play in during the Sword and Shield Season.

These are competitive events and players must bring a decklist, a legal 60 card deck, a randomizer, condition markers and damage counters. (Download a Decklist here)

Sword and Shield League Cups

Saturday March 7
Gnome Games Appleton East
Online Registration is available here
Seating is limited – preregistration is highly encouraged.
On Site Registration (If available) 10:30
Tournament Starts at 11:00 AM

Saturday March 14
Gnome Games Green Bay West

Online Preregistration is available here
Seating is limited – preregistration is highly encouraged.
On Site Registration (If available) 10:30
Tournament Starts at 11:00 AM

Sunday March 15
Gnome Games Green Bay East

Online Preregistration is available here
Seating is limited – preregistration is highly encouraged.
On Site Registration (If available) 11:30
Tournament Starts at 12:00 PM

What can I win?

All of the Gnome Games League Cups are best of 1, 30 minute rounds with the round winner getting 2 boosters for each round win!

Plus each age division winner takes home a sweet League Cup Championship Playmat

Players also earn Championship Points based on their final finish and promo cards are give out to players too while supplies last.

How much does it cost?

  • Juniors – $15
  • Seniors – $20
  • Masters – $25
  • Preregister early and save $5!

Want to play even more Pokemon?

Join the Gnomes for Pokemon every week with Pokemon League, Pokemon Club for the younger Pokemon Fans and weekly tournaments to test your deck and refine your Pokemon Skills! You can always see what’s happening on the Gnome Games Pokemon Calendar.