Come Play Games at Gnome Games!

Friday Night = Board Game Night at Gnome Games Green Bay West

Hey folks! Happy New Year from all the Gnomes!

This year, we want to start things off right, and what is a better way than to spend Friday Nights playing your favorite game, in your favorite store?

Thats Right! It’s Friday Game Night!

Every Friday Gnome Games would like to invite you to our Green Bay West location for board gaming.

Try our feature game, bring your own game, or even grab a game from our demo closet! The important thing is meeting new people and having a good time.

When, Where, How much??

The beauty of all this, is that it is absolutely free! Sometimes our feature games will even have a couple of cool promos. All you have to do is sit down and give it a try!

This is every single Friday from 6:00pm until 9:00pm; Always at our Gnome Games West location.

In case you do not know where that is, we are located on 2160 South Ridge Road just past Lambeau Field.

What kind of Games should I bring/Do we play?

As long as it is store appropriate, bring whatever game you want! As for what do we play? Each week we will have a feature game. Our goal is to always have the feature game be easy to learn, and family friendly. Sometimes we do some really cool stuff and even get the creators in. In October we had Fireside Games show up and play, November we had Rather Dashing Games here too, showing off a plethora of their cool games, signing autographs and giving out cool promos!  In January we’ll have the CEO of Steve Jackson Games in the house for a night of Munchkin Madness!

To find out what the feature game of the week is, check out our Online calendar, the Gnome Games Green Bay West event page on Facebook, stop in to our store and pick up a slip (located by the registers) or Give us a call at 920-499-4263.

January Schedule of Friday Night Board Games!

January 5th: Smash Up

January 12th: Takenoko

January 19th: Mysterium

January 26th: Splendor


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