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Family Game Nights and Community Outreach Events

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Family Game Night with Gnome Games
Follow the Gnomes as we play at

Gnome Games brings the games to the tables at your school, church, community organization or business for a few hours of fun and games.

Here’s how the Gnome Games Community Outreach Program works.

Your school, church or organization decides that they would like to host a Family Game Night or other game related event.  Select a date that doesn’t already have an event scheduled on the Gnome Games Community Outreach and Family Game Night Calendar.  You fill out the Gnome Games Game Night Registration Form and the Gnome Games Staff will review and get you on our calendar in a day or two.

You promote the event at your school, church or organization.  We can help you with some flyers and poster files to edit, print and share with your families.  Then you set the tables and chairs for the Gnomes when we arrive with a lot of games.

The Gnome Games staff will set up the games, and help families learn how to play them. For larger groups or special circumstances we may need some of your organizations people to assist a little bit.

We play together for a couple of hours, enjoy some new games and just have fun!

We can also bring games for your guests to purchase at the event, if that is what your group would like.  All we need to know is that you would like us to bring them!

Gnome Games supports over 100 game nights and events annually, so we ask that you request your event at least 30 days before it’s going to happen.

Have Questions?

Check out the Community Game Night FAQ, email [email protected] or post a question in the comments below

Ready to schedule your event?

Just pick your date (at least 30 days from today)  then scroll down to the Family Game Night Request Form and fill it out!

Then fill out the Family Game Night Registration Form

Community Outreach and Family Game Night FAQ

  1. Can you do an event during the day?

    Yes, we can do events during the day, we just call them Game Nights, because that’s what most of the events are.

  2. What does this cost?

    Gnome Games does not usually charge schools, churches and community service organizations anything for the Family Game Night and Outreach event support when these events are within 25 miles of one of our stores.For organizations that require travel we ask for a mileage reimbursement or the purchase of games to offset our costs.For for profit events and businesses we do have a minimum purchase requirement or an hourly fee associated with those events.

  3. Can Gnome Games bring games that our guests can purchase at the event?

    Yes, sometimes!  We do need to coordinate this with your group ahead of time.  We usually can not bring games to sell during the school day, but can bring a trailer load of great games for your families and guests to take home.

  4. Will you come and provide entertainment for our Charity Event, Fundraiser, Birthday Party etc.?

    Normally not for for free.  We charge a minimum of $100 per hour for events where we are helping promote a business, raise funds, or entertain your guests. We do on very select occasions waive these fees, but this is on a very selective case by case basis.  You can still request our support, but please don’t be offended if we turn you down.  We get hundreds of requests to support charitable events every month.

  5. How do I get Gnome Games to come to our convention and run the Tabletop Room?

    Just ask!  While we can not support all conventions, we do work with a lot of them to bring a complete Tabletop Experience to the tables.  We offer a complete Tabletop Event Management service. Please fill out the outreach form and we’ll start the conversation.

  6. My Date is taken – can Gnome Games still support our event?

    Maybe.  Each game night or event requires different levels of staffing and support.  If the date your organization really wants is already taken, please fill out your request and ask.  If you can suggest an alternate date that helps us as well.  Occasionally we have to say that we can’t support a second or third event on the same date, and we may ask you to change the date or not be able to support your event.

  7. Can I serve food and beverages at our Family Game Night?

    Yes!  We do ask that you consider carefully what the food and beverages are so that they don’t damage the games.  We ask that pizza and other greasy foods are either served in a different area, or that they aren’t offered while we are playing games.

  8. Can we do door prizes or give-aways?

    Yes!  We can held facilitate these as part of the event.  We greatly appreciate it when groups purchase the games from us, and we can help you make this a big part of the fun of the event.

  9. What games will you bring?

    We bring a variety games and select them based on what your group demographics are as well as the focus of your event.  For school and church game nights we always bring games that are easy to learn, quick to play and that all ages at the event will enjoy.  If you have specific requests please ask. We usually do not bring Pokemon or other trading card games to community game nights. These types of games require a deeper knowledge of the games by your guests, and create unique operational challenges.  If your organization would like to include these we do have to coordinate this before the event.

  10. Can we come to Gnome Games and have an event?

    Yes!  We do ask that these are scheduled ahead of time, just like any other game night or event.  Our facilities are available during weekdays for adult groups as well.

  11. Can I email, call, send an owl messenger to set up our game night?

    We ask that all groups fill out this form. With 100+ Game Nights and Outreach Events annually we need to use the online process so we get the dates and times right. This ensures that we can make sure we take care of all groups requests as fairly as possible.

  12. Would Gnome Games advertise our community event?

    Usually we let the event advertising and promotion get handled by the school, church or group hosting the event. In some very special circumstances we do coordinate promotion of Community Game Nights.  If you would like to share your event via Facebook you can include Gnome Games Community Outreach as a co-host. If you would like to have us do a little more promotion we ask to discuss this face to face with us.

  13. Why do I have to pick my date so far in advance?

    We make staff scheduling decisions for vacation at least 30 days out. Sometimes we can accommodate a late request, but please don’t be upset if we can’t support your event if you request it less than 30 days before it happens.

  14. Other Questions?
    Post them as comments here or email [email protected]