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Gnome Home Delivery – bringing games directly to your home!

Gnome Games provides Gnome Home Delivery and Curbside Pickup Service!
Update December 17, 2020

All Gnome Games stores are open for holiday shopping, with masks required and limited capacity, and we have contactless curbside pickup and home delivery options.  Curbside pickup is currently available from 10 – 7 PM Daily Monday – Friday, 10 – 6 Saturday and Noon – 5 Sunday


Gnome Games brings the very best in tabletop fun to the tables, and now you don’t even have to leave your home to get the games you want to play delivered right to your home or office with Gnome Home Delivery! Gnome Games will deliver games from our stores to your home 7 days a week.

Here’s how the Gnome Home Delivery Service works:

Simply message any of the Gnome Games stores via Facebook or give us a call before 3 PM and we’ll deliver the games, puzzles and supplies you want directly to your home the same evening.  We make one delivery run in both Appleton and Green Bay each evening usually before 8 PM.  If weather is poor we may delay delivery and will let you know when you place your order.

Special arrangements may be available for delivery at other times based on driver availability.

Stay at home where it’s warm and safe. Play with your family without venturing out.  New Games.  Old Games, Fun Games – all delivered from Gnome Games.

Delivery fees start at $5 per delivery, within 15 miles of any Gnome Games location, with additional fees based on distance.

To place an order from the Gnome Games Green Bay West (Green Bay West Side) store give us a call at (920) 499-4263 or message us on the Gnome Games Green Bay West Facebook page –

To place an order from Gnome Games Green Bay East (Green Bay East Side) give us a call at (920) 965-1380 or message us on the Gnome Games Green Bay East Facebook page –

To place an order from Gnome Games Appleton give us a call at (920) 884-7504 or message us on the Gnome Games Appleton Facebook page –

What games will Gnome Games deliver?

Gnome Home Delivery will deliver new board games, puzzles, booster displays, collectible card decks, puzzles, role playing books, dice, miniatures, paints and painting supplies and other accessories to your home or business. We will not deliver singles, used merchandise, card sleeves, playmats or most TCG accessories at this time.

Gnome Home Delivery Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does someone have to be home for the delivery? Yes, we will not deliver to a mailbox, empty house or location where the customer that purchased the games is not present. The customer will have to provide a photo ID for delivery.
  • How can I pay for my games? You can pay vial PayPal or credit card over the phone.  We will not take cash or swipe cards at the door for our drivers safety.
  • Can I have games delivered to my office or where I work? No, this is no longer an option – as we deliver after 4 PM most offices are closed.
  • Why is Gnome Games doing Gnome Home Delivery? Because we care about putting great games on your tables safely.  We want to allow our customers to get great games locally today without having to leave the safety and comfort of their homes. While we encourage everyone to get out and play with friends and family; sometimes it’s not a good idea to come out and play, or you simply can’t get out of the house.  That’s where the Gnomes bring the best in tabletop directly to you.
  • What if I’m really sick – will Gnome Games still deliver? Yes, this is an important part of why we have the Gnome Home Delivery Program. We do ask that you let us know if you or someone in your house is sick so our staff can take appropriate personal safety measures. All of our home deliveries are contactless.  We bring the games, and call from the street to make sure you are home.  You let us know you are there ready for them, we drop the games off by the door and watch you pick it up.  WE DO NOT ENTER APARTMENT BUILDINGS OR RESIDENCES TO DELIVER.
  • How about delivery if I live in Pulaski or Denmark or Marinette? We can deliver to outlying areas, but there will be an additional delivery fee based on distance. Just ask and we’ll let you know how we can get you the games or puzzles you really want to play.
  • What about Appleton? Appleton now has Gnome Home Delivery there too!
  • What if I order after 3 PM?  We’ll try to get it out the same day, but if our drivers have left the stores for delivery we’ll deliver the next day.
  • Can I return a game? We are not accepting any returns of opened games or any collectible items. All holiday returns must be made by January 15th 2021 with receipt. After that date we will return to the 30 day limit on returns Please save your receipt if you aren’t going to open the games.
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L.L.A.M.A. – is the 2020 Stocking Stuffer of the Year!

Gnome Games announces the 2020 Stocking Stuffer of the Year – L.L.A.M.A. by Amigo Games!

Each year Gnome Games selects one game as the Stocking Stuffer of the Year. The selection criteria include fun factor, replayability, value, and of course the ability to fit inside the normal stocking. The Gnomes do not accept rewards, payment or consideration from the manufacturer in the selection of this award, and evaluate the games by playing them with friends, family, customers, and most importantly with kids as part of the Gnome Games Community Outreach and Family Game Night Program.

The 2020 Stocking stuffer of the Year is L.L.A.M.A – from Amigo Games.

LLAMA is the 2020 Stocking Stuffer of the Year

Try to get rid of all your cards so you don’t take any markers, but if you can’t you have a real dillama—should I pick another card or quit? Maybe you can play that card later, but if not you’ve just hurt your score. The player with the fewest markers wins in this game with the name that says it all: Don’t Let Llamas And Markers Accumulate!

  • Nominated for the 2019 Spiel des Jahres
  • Unique scoring system adds strategy and risk
  • From well-known inventor Reiner Knizia (600+ games published)
  • Made in Germany—European quality and tariff-free!

Just $10!

Ages 8+
20 Minutes to Play
2 – 6 Players

How to Play LLAMA

Don’t forget that we have other years Stocking Stuffer of the Year available too! Games like  Astro Trash, Fluxx, Timeline and others that continue to provide hours of fun for families.

Gnome Games also Gift Wraps for Free!

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Magic Zendikar Rising Play at Home Prerelease – Now with Packer Bonus Boosters!

Magic Zendiakr Rising Play at Home Prerelease

Gnome Games has a long tradition of hosting Magic the Gathering Prerelease events with special prizes when the Packers score and today is no exception! It’s time for the Magic Zendikar Rising Play at Home Prerelease – Packer Bonus Booster Event from Noon – 4 PM today – AT YOUR HOUSE!

Zendikar Rising Play at Home Prerelease –

Gnome Games has your Magic the Gathering Zendikar Rising Prerelease Kits at all of the Gnome Games stores. Stop in and pick one up for you, and more for each of the friends you’ll be playing with during todays Packer – Lions Game. Then make sure you sign up for the Zendikar Rising Play at Home* at the store (the even itself is free!)

When the Packers Score a Touchdown, Field Goal or Safety – we’ll pick one lucky player to win a Packer Score Bonus Booster they can pick up at the Gnome Games store where they registered to play. If you win, you can pick up your bonus Zendikar Rising Booster during normal business hours – Monday- Saturday 10 – 6, Sunday Noon – 4.

WE WILL WAIT UNTIL THE START OF THE SECOND QUARTER TO SELECT ANY 1st QUARTER WINNERS – this allows everyone some time to pick up a prerelease kit and not miss the 1st chances to win bonus boosters!


If I already got a Zendikar Rising Prerelease Kit am I able to use it to play? – Yes, all players that picked up kits AND signed up for a Play at Home Prerelease will be automatically entered into the Packer Backer Zendikar Rising Play at Home Prerelease

What time does Gnome Games Open today? Noon at all locations, but because of the game we are trying to get in just a little bit early so you can grab a prerelease kit, take it to wherever you are watching the Packers beat the Lions and play some Magic too! WE WILL WAIT UNTIL THE START OF THE SECOND QUARTER TO SELECT ANY 1st QUARTER WINNERS

Can we play in the store? No, random pairings of people in our stores is still not safe, and also tournaments with Wizards of the Coast products are currently not allowed by Wizards of the Coast. We don’t want to have you sit with someone you don’t know, so we aren’t running in store play at this time.

What’s in a Zendikar Rising Play at Home Prerelease Kit and how much are they? Play at Home Prerelease Kits are $30 and include:

1 Zendikar Rising Prerelease Kit + 2 Additional Zendikar Rising Draft Boosters

Kit Contents: 

  • Zendikar Rising Draft Boosters
  • 1 foil promo-stamped rare or mythic rare from Zendikar Rising
  • 1 Spindown life counter
  • 1 MTG Arena code card

Where will Gnome Games share the winners list? Each store will share the Packers Score Bonus Booster Winners on the store Facebook Page

Gnome Games Green Bay West

Gnome Games Green Bay East

Gnome Games Appleton

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Back to School Kids Night, Big Wheel and Bike Races at “The Burg” Speedway in Luxemburg Speedway Sunday August 9

Big Wheel Races at The Burg in Luxemburg Saturday August 9

Gnome Games sponsors Big Wheel Races and Bike Races at Kids Night – Back to School Night at “The Burg” Speedway in Luxemburg Sunday August 9, August 3.

It’s almost time for the kids to go back to school and that means this Sunday it’s time for the kids to go racing at the Burg Speedway in Luxemburg!  Kids get in free, back to school backpacks loaded with supplies, Big Wheel Races, 2 Wheeler race for $50 cash and fun for the whole family!

Gnome Games is sponsoring Big Wheel Races and a $50 Dash for Cash in the Unlimited Class during the races at  the Burg Speedway in Luxemburg.

Kids should bring their Big Wheels (or bike for ages 9-13) to the races and register between 3:30  and 5 PM. The Big Wheel and 2 Wheeler Dash for Cash will be held during intermission.

Come Early to meet the drivers, get autographs and check out the cars!

The great drivers the Gnomes sponsor are bringing their cars to the front gate before the races for you to check out!  Meet great drivers like “Big Money Jay Matthias. Eddie the Eagle, multiple track champion “Budzo” Chris Budzban, last years state  Champion Vince Engebretson, “Buns” Hunter Parsons, Jake Burt and more.  Check out their cars, get some autographs and meet the guys behind the wheel before the races!

Free Pokemon Cards for all the kids!

The first 500 kids through the gates get a shiny Pokemon!
*Pokemon card is a promo and supplies are very limited – you won’t get these  in any booster pack or at Walmart or Target!  Get to the track early to get yours!  Actual Pokemon card may be different than the image shown



The Burg Speedway and a number of great sponsors have put together Free Back to School Backpacks full of supplies for the kids!
These folks have gone out of their way to make the back to school experience of race fans a little easier and a lot more fun!



There are 3 Classes for the Kids Night Races

  • 3 Wheelers (Big Wheels, trikes and 3 wheelers)
    • Destroyer Class – Ages 5 & under
    • Lightning Class – Ages 6-8
  • 2 Wheel Unlimited (2 Wheel Class) – Ages 9-13

All Racers are responsible for checking in between 3:30 PM – 5 PM and bring their Big Wheels / Bikes under the grandstand.

Helmets are required to race.

The Destroyer Class and the Lightning Class will race the length of the front straightaway and the winner will receive the 2020 Big Wheel Championship Trophy.
All Racers will receive a commemorative Medal!

The Unlimited Division will race one full lap around the track with the winner receiving the 2020 Dash for Cash Championship Trophy and $50 cash.
The Unlimited Division will have a staggered start based on age.

Entry for these races is free, and all racers must be accompanied by a legal guardian.

All racers must provide their own Big Wheel or bicycle to race and all Unlimited Racers must wear a helmet.

Street Stock Cars winners get bonus payout from Gnome Games with the fastest payout on dirt!

The Street Stock Cars are where the rubber hits the dirt this season, so we’ll be giving each of the Stock Car Heat, Consolation and Feature Winners $50!  The Head Gnome will be paying out right in Victory Lane!

Without these drivers bringing their cars to the track every week, there wouldn’t be any racing, and this is a small thank you to all the drivers that make this sports fun for all ages.

Watch the Gnome Games Sponsored Cars Race every week!

We would like to invite everyone to join us at the tracks

  • Seymour Speedway – Friday Nights
  • 141 Speedway – Saturday Nights
  • Shawano Speedway – Saturday Nights
  • “The Burg” Speedway in Luxemburg – Sunday Nights


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Free RPG Day – Let the Quest for Fun and Adventure Begin July 25

Calling all adventurers - Free RG Day Quests at Gnome Games

Gnome Games invites all brave adventurers to join us for Free RPG Day on July 25!

Free RPG Day is Saturday July 25th and Gnome Games invites you to join us on an epic quest for fun and adventure!  While we can’t host any adventures in the store, we can bring some great Role-Playing games to your tables and have a little fun together too!

Free RPG Day Quest for adventure at Gnome Games

Brave Adventurers Wanted for Epic Quests at Gnome Games!

Free RPG Day Quests


Quest #1 Show up wearing a mask!  –

Simply come to any Gnome Game store wearing a mask and ask for the Free RPG Quest Reward – Get a pick from the Free RPG Table.
The Show Up Quest Rewards Include:

  • 9th Level Games: Level One Anthology of Indie RPGs
  • Cubicle 7: Warhammer 40K Wrath & Glory
  • Dave Taylor Miniatures/Mantic Games/Army Painter: How to Paint a Library
  • Fantasy Flight Games: Genesys Keyforge
  • Goodman Games: Dungeon Crawl Classics
  • Hit Point Press: Humblewood
  • Magpie Games: Root RPG
  • Oni Games: Junior Braves
  • Paizo, Inc.: Pathfinder RPG
  • Paizo, Inc.: Starfinder RPG
  • Renegade Game Studios: Kids on Bikes
  • Renegade Game Studios: Overlight
  • Roll20: Subscription Promo

Quest #2 Sign Up

Fill out the Gnome Games Sign Up Form – we will ask for your email and physical address so we can shamelessly send you a couple of marketing messages every month.

  • The Sign Up Quest Rewards are a set of dice!

Quest #3 Shop!

Shop for great RPG Games, accessories, and miniatures

The Shop Quest Rewards:

  • Purchase $50 of RPG games, dice or accessories and get either a Monster or a Character WizKids Miniature
    • The Gnomes will pull one character from the Pool of PC’s and one Monster from the Box of Bad Things. You’ll get to choose one to take home!  (We will pull the figures; you get to choose 1!)
    • OR

* Miniatures are randomly selected with adventurers being allowed to choose from the two random miniatures


  • Purchase $150 or more and get a Bonus Dragon MiniatureYoung Silver Dragon
    Red, Blue, Silver? Which Dragon will you get?  Nobody knows until you pull it from the Dragons Door!
    Dragons are selected randomly

Quest #4 Share the Tale of Adventure at the Gnome!

No grand adventure is complete without tales of the great deeds and dangers faced for all to hear.

  • Post your check in, your adventure and / or your loot and get a bonus Free RPG Day Item from the Free RPG Day Table!
    • Simply check in on Facebook or Social media and we’ll verify it, and you’ll get another selection from the table!

The Free RPG Adventures are Saturday July 25th only at all Gnome Games Stores.  Some Free RPG Day Items are limited, so shop early for the best selection possible.

Free RPG Day Saturday July 25 at Gnome Games


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From the Head Gnome – we’ll continue to bring fun and games to your tables despite COVID-19

Gnome Games will continue to bring fun and games to your tables despite COVID-19.

From the Head Gnome – Pat Fuge Last Updated – Thursday July 9, 2020

All of us at Gnome Games know you rely on our stores to bring the finest in tabletop games, puzzles and diversions to your tables. We are going to continue to do that, despite the situation presented by the coronavirus, affectionately known as COVID-19. I would like to keep you abreast of how we are going to do this safely for both you our customers as well as the most important part of Gnome Games, our staff.

We are open for shopping and Masks are required

Here’s what Gnome Games is doing to keep fun at the tables

First and foremost, we have a high concern for our staff and your personal safety. Gnome Games will follow all CDC and Wisconsin Department of Health guidelines in hosting and our attendance of events  We will also maintain a high focus and attention to in store hygiene and cleanliness. As these guidelines may change, we will adapt our operations to meet them. These are all preventative measures to protect staff and customers, especially those who are in COVID-19 High Risk groups.  Want to learn more – visit their websites.  It’s always best to get the news from the source.

All Random Player Interaction In Store Play is suspended until further notice

To keep the Gnome Games Staff and families of the communities we play in safe, we are suspending all in store play opportunities effective immediately. The less chance we give this bug to spread the better off we will all be, so we are doing our small part, by closing the demo libraries and suspending all in store play.  We will reschedule as the situation allows once the COVID-19 threat has passed.

You and your small group can come in  and play by appointment only

To allow you to play on our tables we require a reservation and are limiting your group size.  You must all wear masks at all times and must make the reservation ahead of time by contacting the store you want to play at.  We can facilitate Pokemon Play, Yu Gi Oh Play, Magic and other card games, have tables for miniatures and board games.
Masks must be worn at all times and there is a fee for this.  Simply call or message the store you want to play at via Facebook

Gnome Games will continue to provide you with a safe place to shop

We have cancelled all in store and community outreach events , but you can still shop in the store for games to take home and play.  We will monitor this situation closely and keep you informed about any changes in our schedules via our website and all of the Gnome Games Facebook pages.  You can also have us deliver to your front door, or order games and puzzles for curbside pickup from all of the Gnome Games stores.

Cleaning and Disinfecting

We’ll do a lot of extra cleaning and wiping with bleach and other CDC approved cleaners throughout the day to keep all counters, tabletops and contact surfaces as clean as possible. We’ll also take additional measures at the checkout area, and you may see our staff wearing gloves as we handle transactions. Gloves protect them, and please don’t be offended if they are wearing them. If you would like, they will also remove shrink wrap from your games before you leave.

We’ll need a little help from you as our customer and guest as well

Gnome Games is going to need a little help with keeping the store clean and safe for you and our staff as well. While we are asking you to help – we’ll also make sure you get a few reminders if you need them as well. Please understand that if a Gnome Games staff asks you to do something, it’s because we want to make everyone’s experience a safe and fun one.

If you are sick or not feeling well, please stay home

If you are sick, have a cough, fever or other symptoms of the flu or COVID-19, we ask that you stay home. This doesn’t mean you can’t get a game or puzzle and I’ll cover that in a bit, but it does mean that we may ask you to leave if we observe any symptoms. It’s not because we don’t like you, it’s because we do, and we want to see you back at our tables when you are healthy.

Wear your mask.  Properly

Wash your hands, a lot.

We’ll ask you to wash your hands at our events – a lot. Like after every round of a tournament. You’ll be touching other people’s cards or rolling those dice that were in the bag with those other dice that you took to Mordor and back. Who knows what could be on those! So, we’ll remind you to wash your hands after every round and give you some time to do it as well.

Spirit of the Game

You all know what that means. But in the wake of COVID-19, we are amending the rules just a bit. First, start-of-match handshakes are out. Knuckle bumps, under table toe taps, or Vulcan Hand Salutes are in. We’ll continue to have fun without sharing the germs.

Get some Game!

Gnome Games will provide Gnome Home Delivery – directly to your doorstep! We’ll bring you games to play, even if you are in a self-quarantine situation! Delivery service is available daily, and curbside contactless pickup is also available

An Ounce of Prevention…

All of these measures are preventative, to protect the Gnome Games staff and customers. We’ll keep updating them as the CDC, Department of Health and other agencies adapt to the COVID-19 situation. At the end of the day, Gnome Games will continue to provide you with the very best in tabletop fun at home or at our stores. We want to thank you for your support in this, and look forward to playing with you! If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me directly via email here

Pat Fuge
The Head Gnome

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Gnome Games E-Gift Cards Available!

Gnome Games Puzzle Gift Card

Gnome Games Gift Cards are available online!

Want to give the gift of games but can’t make it to Gnome Games?  We’ve got e-Gift Cards available for you to get from home.  Perfect gifts, never expire and sure to bring a smile to whoever you give them to.

Available in virtually any amount!

Click your favorite design and get a Gnome Games Gift Card today

Gnome Games Family Game Night Gift Card
Give the gift of a Family Game Night!

Gnome Games Puzzle Gift Card
Puzzled on what to give a friend? Give a Gnome Games Gift Card!

Gnome Games Magic Gift Card
Give the Gift of a little Gnome Games Magic

Gnome Games Gift Card
Gnome Games Gift Card – a perfect pick me up!

Gnome Games Warhammer Gift Card
Give the Gift of Battle!

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Bring the fun to your home tables, All In Store Play is suspended until further notice

Gnome Games brings the best in tabletop fun and games to the tables, and to keep our staff safe we are suspending all in store play until further notice.

Gnome Games is suspending all in-store play until further notice to ensure the safety of our staff and customers as we take proactive measures to combat COVID-19. We will continue to provide the community with the finest games, puzzles and diversions as the Gnome Games stores will remain open for shopping, curbside pickup and home delivery.

We take the safety of the Gnome Games staff and customers seriously, and are taking the following proactive measures to mitigate the spread of the COVID -19 virus effective immediately.

  • All In Store Play is suspended until further notice. This includes casual play, tournaments, leagues, role-playing events, miniature events, and using the game demo library.  All Play areas are closed to the public.
  • Store Hours are adjusted slightly – 10 AM – 8 PM Mon – Fri, 9 AM – 7 PM Sat, Noon – 6 PM Sunday
  • Only store staff will handle single card binders and pull cards. Please bring your lists, request cards via messenger or email, or shop for in store pick-up at
  • All Outreach and Community Events are cancelled – and we will reschedule as appropriate.
  • We will continue our diligent cleaning and COVID-19 mitigation programs
  • Gnome Home Delivery is available in Green Bay and Appleton. Simply call or message the store, ask for the games you want. We’ll process the transaction via PayPal and deliver to your home for a small fee.
  • Curbside Pickup is now available at all stores. Simply call or message the store you wish to pickup the games at. We’ll have them ready and will bring them out to your vehicle. We can accommodate credit card transactions at the curbside or via PayPal before you arrive
  • Special Orders are always welcome! We’ll get the games you want to play while you are doing your part to fight COVID-19. Simply call, email or message and we’ll get the games you want to play as long as they are available for us to get for you.
  • Returns of games and unopened products are also suspended.  We will honor any returns of unopened merchandise with receipt after the COVID-19 threat has subsided.

What you can do to help

We still ask that if you are sick, not feeling well or may have been exposed, that you don’t come to the store. We’ll do everything within our power to get you great games or puzzles to help the time go a little faster, and so you can have a little fun too. We’ll also continue our diligent measures in the store to keep you safe we announced earlier – – and have modified a few to do it a little safer! If you have a special request please just ask via phone call, email or messenger.

We’d also love to hear and see how you are playing and having a fun at your table! Please share your tabletop fun with the Gnome families on our Facebook pages,We all could use a smile – and when you share yours with us – you double the fun.

We want to thank you for your support in this, as well as for your support of Gnome Games as a business.  We look forward to playing with you soon!

The Head Gnome

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Pokemon Club – Holiday Fun Day – Saturday December 14

Pokemon Fans – the Gnome Games Pokemon Club Holiday Fun Day is Saturday December 14th.

Gnome Games invites young Pokemon Fans to join us for the Gnome Games Pokemon Club Holiday Fun Day Saturday December 14th. This event is free and give young Pokemon Fans a chance to write their Pokemon trainer Letters to Santa, Decorate Pokeball Cookies and have a lot of fun with other Pokemon fans! Bring your cards and play or learn more about the Pokemon game.

This event is open to all Pokemon fans, and is designed to be a casual, fun experience for younger Pokemon fans and their families.

Gnome Games hosts Free Pokemon Club Every Saturday at all our stores for kids 12 and under. Older siblings and parents are always welcome

Saturday Morning Pokemon Club

Gnome Games Appleton
Saturday mornings
9 AM – 11 AM

Pokemon Club and Pajama League

Gnome Games Green Bay West
Saturday Mornings
10 AM – Noon
Come in your pajamas and play Pokemon, or just hang out and have fun

Saturday Afternoon Pokemon Club

Gnome Games Green Bay East
Saturday Afternoon
3 PM – 5 PM

What’s happening at the Gnome Games Pokemon Club Holiday party?

First all Pokemon fans will be able to become and official Pokemon Trainer! We’ll get you a special Pokemon ID number – that officially makes you a real Pokemon Trainer!

You don’t have to know how to play Pokemon, or have any cards or a DS. As long as you are a Pokemon fan – you can be a Pokemon Trainer.

We’ll decorate some Pokemon Holiday Pokeball Cookies you can take home for Santa, or enjoy at Pokemon Club.

You can write your letter to Santa – and we’ll make sure he gets it!

You can play Pokemon! We’ll have some of the Gnome Games Pokemon Professors on hand to explain the basic of the Pokemon Trading Card game to both new players and parents.

You can watch Pokemon!

You can color Pokemon Coloring Pages

You can just hang out and have fun!

Don’t forget, if you want to play more Pokemon, Gnome Games offers Pokemon League and Tournaments too. You can check out the complete Pokemon Schedule on the Gnome Games Event Calendar.

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Gnome Games Black Friday, Small Business Saturday – Just Desserts Sale!

Black Friday - Small Business Saturday at Gnome Games

Gnome Games Black Friday, Small Business Saturday – Just Desserts Sale! Friday November 29 – Sunday December 1st

Looking for great deals, free gift wrapping, the best customer service in the world and lots of fun and games? Gnome Games has it for you during our Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Just Desserts Sale this weekend at all Gnome Games stores

Gnome Games invites you to stop in and grab the latest games and accessories for everyone on your list.  We offer Free Gift Wrapping all season long as well as special ordering for those hard to find games.

This weekend we also invite you to stop in for a cup of hot chocolate, coffee or cider while you relax and play one of the games from our game library.  You’ll also find some great deals on a lot of games all weekend long.

Plus all weekend long you’ll get your Just Desserts after you spend $40 or more in a single purchase!


Get a FREE BOX BAND with every board game over $40!

Here’s some of the deals you’ll find this weekend:

Watch as we add more goodies to this list – then check it twice, and when they are gone they are gone!

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Oh the Places we go – Daisho Con!

Daisho Con 2019

The Gnomes are headed to Daisho Con at the Kalahari in Wisconsin Dells November 22,23,24.

Oh the places we go – next stop, Daisho Con at the Kalahari Resort in Wisconsin Dells. We’ll be playing games with all the Daisho Con guests next weekend.  The entire Gnome Games game library will be on hand for you to enjoy with friends, and they are free to play all weekend long with a Daisho Con Badge!

Daisho Con is open to the public and you can learn all about it here –

It’s a 3 day family friendly celebration of everything geek and nerdy, from anime and video games to tabletop and cosplay, with lots more filling all the halls, rooms, and even the largest indoor waterpark in the world at the Kalahari.

Gnome Games will be on hand for the 11th year in a row, filling the tabletop room with fun and games.

Here’s a peek at what we have on the tables this year:

Friday Daisho Con Tabletop  Open Gaming Noon – Midnight

  • 4:00 – 6:00    Pokemon League FREE
  • 5:00 – 10:00    Yu Gi Oh – Duelist Court Registration – $5
  • 6:30    Magic FNM – Pioneer $5
  • 7:00    Pokemon Cosmic Eclipse Sealed Battles $30
  • 9 – Midnight    18+ Gaming – CAH, Slash, Red Flags and more!
  • 10 – Midnight    Are you a Werewolf!

Saturday Tabletop   Open Gaming 10 AM – Midnight

  • 10 – Noon    Pokemon League
  • 11:00    Magic Throne of Eldraine Draft – $20
  • 11:00 – 4:00     Yu Gi Oh – Diasho Con Duelist Court – $5
  • 12:00    Ticket to Ride for fun! Free
  • 1:00    Yu Gi Oh Advanced Format $5
  • 1:30 – 4:00    Play with the Creators – Heebie Jeebies
  • 2:00    Cardfight Vanguard $5
  • 4:00    Weiss Schwarz Tournament (Free)
  • 5:00    Yu Gi Oh Duelist Court Finals
  • 6:00    Magic – Commander of Daisho Con $5
  • 7:00    Catan
  • 9 – Midnight    18+ Gaming – CAH, Slash, Red Flags and more!
  • 10 – Midnight    Are you a Werewolf!

Sunday  Tabletop Events 10 AM – 4 PM    Open Gaming 10 AM – 4 PM

  • 10 – Noon    Pokemon League – Free
  • 11:00    Pokemon Tournament $5
  • 12:00    Magic Throne of Eldraine Prerelease Repeat – $30

All Weekend at Daisho Con – Giant Chess, Giant Catan & Jenga, Play for Keeps

Check a game out and play from our huge game library!  Playing the demo games is free with a Daisho Con badge!

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Gnome Games Stocking Stuffer of the Year for 2019 – Astro Trash!


Gnome Games announces the 2019 Stocking Stuffer of the Year – Astro Trash by USAopoly

You’re going to need a slightly bigger stocking this year for the Stocking Stuffer of the Year!

Gnome Games is happy to announce that Astro Trash from the OP Games (USAopoly) has been selected as the 2019 Stocking Stuffer of the Year.

Each year Gnome Games selects one game as the Stocking Stuffer of the Year.  The selection criteria include fun factor, replayability, value, and of course the ability to fit inside the normal stocking.  The Gnomes do not accept rewards, payment or consideration from the manufacturer in the selection of this award, and evaluate the games by playing them with friends, family, customers, and most importantly with kids as part of the Gnome Games Community Outreach and Family Game Night Program. We do occasionally bend some of the rules in favor of a wonderful choice, as seen in this year’s pick.

Astro Trash

Astro Trash is a game in which each player must get rid of all the trash on their planet at the expense of the players to their left and right. Players simultaneously roll three dice and rapidly move the “trash” according to the direction, quantity, and color indicated on the dice. There is no turn taking, so it’s a mad frenzy to try to move all the trash off your planet. The first player to clear all their trash wins the round and is awarded a “Trash Trophy”. Play until someone has 3 trash trophies and they are the winner!

Bonus Stuffer – Bob’s Burgers – Belcher Family Food Fight

There is also a Bob’s Burgers themed version called Belcher Family Food Fight! Same great game, just with burgers instead of planet trash.

For ages 6+ and up to 5 players, Astro Trash is playable in 15 minutes. It’s a great game to play with all ages, but you might need a slightly bigger stocking this year!

Congratulations Astro Trash on being the Gnome Games Stocking 2019 Stuffer of the Year!

Honorable Mentions go out to:

Furry Foodies by the OP Games (Usaopoly)

Bubble Tea by Renegade Game Studios

Point Salad by AEG

So many good games this year! Thank you to all who helped us vote for the Stocking Stuffer of the Year – Astro Trash!

You can find the Stocking Stuffer of this Year and the previous years along with many other great games at any Gnome Games!