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Take your First Shot at Warmachine!

May is an exciting month for Hordes and Warmachine!

Legion of Everblight get a swarm of reinforcements and a new Warlock! Be sure to stop in at any Gnome Games location to pre-order yours and have them on release day!

May also has a very special event for new players to come and play! The First Shot!

First Shot

For 15 years war has engulfed the Iron Kingdoms. In this crucible of conflict, countless warriors have answered the call and forged their legends. Now it is time for those legends to mentor the next generation of heroes. WARMACHINE: First Shot is a very special Organized Play team event specifically designed as a way for players to introduce the joy of WARMACHINE to new players. In this one-day event, veteran players take on the role of mentors, controlling event-specific mentor solos while their beginner friend takes command of a small WARMACHINE army built from the First Shot event rules. This event is all about providing a fun introduction to the hobby and game of WARMACHINE. In order to help get the new players off to a great start, this kit contains a warcaster and light warjack model for the beginner member of a team as well as special event-only stat cards for both players. This event is limited to 4 teams of 2 (one veteran and one beginner on each – Stop in to register your team in advance!)

Complete rules can be found HERE

Gnome Games Green Bay East Schedule:

  • May 5th – Open Tables
  • May 12th – First Shot model pickup. Open play tables and model assembly and tables for First Shot players to prep their new minis!
  • May 19th – First Shot Day! Veteran Players bring their rookie friends/children into the fray in this 2v2 day of fun!
  • May 25th – Seccond Shot Steamroller – 0 Points – 1 List – FREE For all Players who participated in the First Shot event on May 19th or $5/player – Prizes based on attendance

May is an exciting month for Hordes and Warmachine! Legion of Everblight get a swarm of reinforcements and a new Warlock! Be sure to stop in at any Gnome Games location to pre order yours and have them on release day!


  • Legion of Everblight – Blighted Ogrun Army Box Set – PIP 73108 – Releases 5/10
  • Legion of Everblight – Anamag the Doom Feaster – Warlock – PIP 73111 – Releases 5/17
  • Legion of Everblight – Gorag Rotteneye – Character Solo – PIP 73112 – Releases 5/17
  • Legion of Everblihgt – Golab – Character Heavy Warbeast – PIP 73109 – Releases 5/17

  • No Quarter- Prime Issue #5 – PIP NQP05 – Releases 5/24
  • Legion of Everblight – Blighted Rotwings Unit (10) – PIP 73110 – Releases 5/24
  • Legion of Everblight – Ammok the Truthbearer – Blighted Ogrun Character Solo – PIP 73113 – Releases 5/24

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April Warmachine and Hordes

Warmachine Cryx Logo

We’ve got a month full of events for Warmachine and Hordes at Gnome Games Green Bay East!

April Releases

April is full of new Cryx releases!

On April 13

  • Cryx Axiara Wraithblade Character Solo (white metal – PIP 34141)
  • PIP 34151 Cryx Blighted Trollkin Marauders Unit (10) (resin and white metal – PIP 34151) release.

April 20

  • Cryx Scharde Dirge Seers Unit (3) (white metal – PIP 34146)
  • Cryx Severa Blacktide Character Solo (white metal – PIP 34148)
  • Cryx Black Ogrun Smog Belchers Unit (5) (resin and white metal – PIP 34150).

April 27

  • Cryx Misery Cage Solo (2) (resin – PIP 34147)
  • Cryx Sharde Pirates Unit (11)  (resin and white metal – PIP 34149).

Make sure to stop by any Gnome Games Green Bay East and get your preorders in at least a week before teh release so they are here waiting for you!

Warmachine Cryx Logo

April Warmachine and Hordes Events

On the events side of things, we’ve got a couple of fun special events planned for April.  Our Saturday open play will take place as normal on April 7 and 21 beginning at 10:00 A.M.  Bring your Hordes/Warmachine/Company of Iron and play at our open tables!  New players are welcome, as always, so bring a friend and share the fun.

On April 14, at 10:00 A.M., we’re going to say “so long” to winter with a “Farewell to Winter” Rampage event.  Here in Wisconsin we know not to trust the weather in spring! Let’s take advantage of the snowstorm that has settled on the battlefield and unleash some carnage! Play any number of games in this laid-back FREE event and earn some special promo cards.  New players are encouraged to attend this event as well. Full rules can be found here.

Finally, on April 28, we will run a $5 entry 3 List Escalation Steamroller.  Each player needs 25-point, 50-point, and 75-point lists; each list must contain all models from lower point lists.  Round 1 is 25 points, round 2 is 50 points, and round 3+ is 75 points. We will award prizes based on attendance!

Steamroller logo


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Let the Warmachine and Hordes New Year begin!

Gnome Games Green Bay East kicks off 2018 with Warmachine and Hordes every week!

January brings the dead of winter, and it’s the perfect time for miniature wargaming. That means Warmachine and Hordes at Gnome Games Green Bay East every Saturday.

We all want to see new players on the tables so we’ve got a couple of special things planned for January and a New Player Incentive! When you teach a new player Hordes or Warmachine at Gnome Games Green Bay East, both you and the new player will get 10% off all orders for one of your army factions for 30 days after the day you teach the player how to play. The Player teaching the game will get a Warmahordes Lord Card good for 10% off all purchases for your faction, and the new player will get a Warmahordes New Recruit Card good for 10% off all their purchases. You can also redeem your January Lord or Recruit card for free entry into the February “Love to Play Warmahordes Steamroller” on Saturday Feb. 24th.

Warmachine Events for January 2018 at Gnome Games Green Bay East


We play Warmachine every Saturday from 10 – close at Gnome Games Green Bay East. Tables and terrain are also available 7 days a week for pickup and practice games.

Saturday January 6th

Open Tables – New Recruit Day
Bring an army or two, and a handful of friends!
10 AM – 4 PM (Tables are open all day)
New Recruits

Saturday January 13th

Winter Rampage!
$5 Entry – Free if you bring an army that a new player plays!

75 Points, you may switch armies between games!
60 Minute Death Clock
10 AM Registration
10:30 Round 1 Start
Complete Winter Rampage Details can be found here

Saturday January 20th


Company of Iron Saturday
25 Points Company of Iron Open Play
10 AM – 6 PM
Learn more about the Company of Iron here


Saturday January 27th


January Steam Roller

$5 Entry

75 Points, 2 lists

60 Minute Death Clock
Round 1 Starts at 10:30
Official Steamroller Rules here


What’s up for Warmachine in February?

The Gnomes have a lot of love for Warmahordes in February including the We Play Nice Together – Warmahordes Team Event Feb 17 and the February 24th Love to Play Warmahordes Steamroller! Throw in a New Player Hobby Day and a Company of Iron smash and bash and you’ll have a month full of fun at the tables at the Gnome.