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Lord of the Rings – Attack on Gol Dulgar Saturday December 28 – Green Bay West

Lord of the Rings fan’s it’s the 4th Saturday and that means it’s time for Lord of the Rings at Gnome Games Green Bay West

“In the midst upon a stony height stands Dol Guldur, where long the hidden Enemy had his dwelling. We fear that now it is inhabited again, and with power sevenfold. A black cloud lies often over it of late.”
–Haldir, The Fellowship of the Ring

Ever since Sauron established Dol Guldur as his stronghold after his return to Middle-earth, the haunted fortress has been a source of dark power and death. Its very presence poisoned the Greenwood, and as the War of the Ring raged on, the acolytes of the Dark Lord used the fortress as their base while they launched relentless assaults on the realm of the Elves. Now, the time has come for the reign of darkness to end.

Attack on Dol Guldur, the epic standalone scenario pack for The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game that was featured at Gen Con 50 and the 2017 Fellowship Event, is what we’ll be playing at Gnome Games Green Bay West Saturday December 28 from 1 – 5 PM

Break Their Defenses

Rally your heroes for a battle with the servants of Sauron in Attack on Dol Guldur! This standalone scenario for The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game transports you and your company of heroes to the dangerous Wilderlands, where you have the chance to align yourself with the great host of Lórien as they fight to free those held in the Necromancer’s dungeons and drive back the dark forces that seek to consume Middle-earth. Your quest begins in the Golden Wood, fighting back a long-prepared assault by the armies of Dol Guldur. But even if you succeed in defending the realm of the Elves, you know that it is only a matter of time before the dark forces strike again. In order to protect the fair woods and those who reside there, you must cross the mighty River Anduin and take the battle to the Hill of Dark Sorcery itself.

Launching a siege on the fortress will prove no simple task. Through Sauron moved his seat of power to Barad-dûr after the attack of the White Council, the fortress of Dol Guldur remains a stronghold of dark sorcery. The halls of the Necromancer are protected by a swarm of OrcsTrolls, and other evil Creatures, all led by Sauron’s four Indestructible Lieutenants who you will encounter at various points throughout your quest. These enemies cannot be destroyed, even if they suffer damage equal to their hit points. The only way to defeat them is to tear down the fortress that provides them with this unnatural power.

Among these denizens of darkness, you will face a powerful enemy in the form of Chieftain Morlug (Attack on Dol Guldur, 12). As a Lieutenant of Sauron’s army, this Uruk commander never fights alone. When Chieftain Morlug attacks you, you must discard cards from the encounter deck until an enemy is called forth and, with the insatiable bloodlust that defines Sauron’s forces, they immediately engage you in battle.

Beyond the enemies who defend it, the fastness itself is a threat. Dol Guldur has its own attached treat dial that acts as a siege tracker throughout the battle, displaying the strength of Dol Guldur, which you must overcome before you can defeat Sauron’s Lieutenants. When Dol Gulur’s city strength falls to zero, each Lieutenant loses their Indestructible keyword.

Call in Reinforcements

Attack on Dol Guldur originally premiered at Gen Con 50 and was later featured as a favorite at the 2017 Fellowship Event. This scenario is designed to embrace Fellowships of every size, whether you wish to campaign with a small band of elite fighters or strike with the force of a great host. This scenario pack features two forms of gameplay with both Standard Game Mode and Epic Multiplayer Mode. Standard Game Mode supports one to four players and can be played with a single copy of Attack on Dol Guldur. Otherwise, with three copies of the scenario pack, you can support an incredible three to twelve player game and launch an assault on the fortress from multiple fronts.

As separate parts of a single siege, each team must face their challenges alone, as each stage acts as its own game. Card abilities on one stage cannot affect the battle unfolding at another stage, but those on separate stages may use the same unique cards if they so choose. Epic Multiplayer Mode divides your heroes into three teams playing different stages simultaneously, each facing their own set of challenges with a separate encounter deck as they work together to defeat the evil that awakens in the halls of the Necromancer once more.

You will need every ally you can gather if you wish to overcome the treachery of the dark fortress with its Power Sevenfold (Attack on Dol Guldur, 27). Even with its dread master absent, executing an attack on the Necromancer’s fortress is certain to fill the hearts of your outnumbered comrades with sense of dread, equipping this encounter card with the Doomed 1 keyword. When revealed, each player must choose to either search for a Dol Guldur location and add it to the staging area, or find an Orc enemy and immediately engage it in battle.

If, in the heat of battle, the last player at any stage is defeated, the siege fails and the entire group loses the game. If, however, at the end of the round Dol Guldur’s city strength is zero and there are no Lieutenants left to defend it, the fortress is captured and your heroes are victorious. While you may fight, defend, and quest separated from your allies, you are united by honor, by fellowship, and by the desire to bring Sauron’s reign to an end.

Restore Hope

Throw down the walls of Dol Guldur. Lay bare the pits, free the condemned souls within the dungeons, and break Sauron’s hold on Middle-earth!

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Lord of the Rings “The Order of the Crown” Fellowship Event March 31

Lord of the Rings Living Card Games fans it’s time for the Lord of the Rings Order of the Crown Fellowship Event on Saturday March 31!

In honor of Tolkien’s appointment as a Commander of the Order of the British Empire by Queen Elizabeth II on 28 March 1972, Gnome Games proudly presents the Lord of the Rings LCG Order of The Crown Fellowship Event on Saturday March 31 at Gnome Games Green Bay East. This special celebration of Tolkien’s work will include a very special Lord of the Rings fellowship event for the Lord of the Rings Living Card Game, with limited edition playmats and Attack on Goldur Nightmare Decks for the players to take home.

Lord of the Rings Order of the Crown Fellowship Event

  • Saturday March 31
  • Gnome Games Green Bay East
  • Preregistration for this event is highly encouraged
  • On site registration if available 12:00 PM
  • 12:30 Start
  • $10 Preregistration through March 30 or while seats are available
  • $15 Registration on site

Prizes include limited edition Lord of the Rings Living Card Game playmats, Assault on Goldur Nightmare Decks and Galadriel Alternate Art Promo Cards.
Seating for the Order of the Crown Fellowship event is limited to 12 players. Players should bring their Lord of the Rings LCG Decks to participate.

Attack on Dol Guldar

In Assault on Dol Guldur, players join the host of Lórien in a direct attack against Sauron’s Mirkwood stronghold taken straight from the appendix for The Return of the King. This unique scenario can be played by 1-4 players in Standard Game Mode or 3-12 players in Epic Multiplayer Mode. (We’ll let the players decide on the day of the event)

Only one copy of Assault on Dol Guldur is required to play Standard Game Mode, while three copies are required for Epic Multiplayer Mode.

The scenario includes two double-sided setup cards, one for each mode, that players use to play the game in the desired fashion.

In Epic Multiplayer Mode, a group of 3-12 players are divided into three teams, and each team has its own encounter deck, quest deck, and staging area. Each team begins the game at their own stage one, but when everyone advances to stage three of Assault on Dol Guldur, they will find four different stage threes to choose from. Each one represents a different part of the siege, and only the team at that stage can make progress on it. In this way, each team is dependent on the others to do their part in order to win the battle and defeat the scenario.

Even though all three stages are interconnected, each one counts as its own game. So a card ability at one stage cannot affect the game state at another stage, unless it specifically says it does. Because each stage is its own game, two players at different stages can use the same unique card. That means players only need to coordinate their heroes with the other players on their team, not the entire group.

Of course, there’s more to it than that: Each stage comes with its own risks and rewards, making the decision of which stage three each team chooses to quest at a compelling and important choice. To add to the richness of that choice, each stage three has a corresponding Dol Guldur location and Lieutenant enemy. Each Dol Guldur location cannot be explored unless the players are at the matching stage, and each Lieutenant enemy brings a danger of its own.

This promises to be an afternoon filled with the grand adventures Tolkien created for all of us to enjoy!