Great Grades Program

Great Grades earn rewards at Gnome Games!

Gnome Games supports academic achievement at all levels through the Gnome Games Great Grades Program.  Twice a year students can bring in their report cards with B’s or better grades and earn up to 40% off their purchase of a new game to play! It’s really as simple as bringing in your report card and going shopping!

Bring in your report card, we’ll help figure out your semester GPA, make sure all of your grades are B’s or better and you’ll get your GPA x 10% off your purchase of new games to play as a reward for your hard work.

Here are the Gnome Games Great Grades rules

  • Students must be enrolled 3/4 time or more for the entire semester. Report cards must show that the student completed all classes on the report card. While single classes are great to take and improve yourself, getting an A in Bartending 101 doesn’t really deserve the same reward a 15 credit semester does.
  • Students may use this discount 1 time per semester report card up to a maximum of 2 times a year. We understand that some schools have trimesters or summer sessions, but to make it as fair as possible to all students we do limit it to 2 semester report cards annually.
  • Grades must be B’s or better. The Gnome Games Great Grades program rewards academic achievement, so B-, C, D and F mean that you must work harder next semester.  For elementary grades with narrative or numeric grading scales, the Gnome Games staff will extrapolate your GPA from the report card.  The Gnome Games Great Grades program is designed to reward younger students in a way that encourages them to work toward getting all A’s and B’s in all classes once they enter middle and high school.
  • Games purchased must be new games and student age appropriate. The Great Grades program rewards the student for achievement, and is not designed to be a coupon for parents shopping for the holidays or personal games.
  • Students receive 10% x their semester GPA as a discount for a single purchase.
    • GPA* 10% = Discount
      • 4.0 = 40% off
      • 3.5 = 35% off
      • 3.0 = 30% off

Great Grades Program Frequently Asked Questions

Can a Home School Student use the Great Grades Program? Yes!  We do ask to see a report card from testing or other academic evaluation for the semester.  A note from mom isn’t a report card.

Do I have to bring in a paper copy of the report card? No.  We will accept digital report cards if you can log in to your academic account on your handheld device.  Gnome Games staff must see your academic report card for the semester on the school site, not an email.

My overall GPA isn’t that great, can I still get the Great Grades Program discount? Maybe.  We only look at the last complete semester grades for the Great Grades discount, and want to encourage improvement.  If last semester wasn’t great you can always work harder next semester

Can I get the Great Grades Program if I have an incomplete? No, the Great Grades Program is for complete semesters only.  Bring your grades in after all classes are complete in and get rewarded for all of your hard work.

When and what can I use the Great Grades Discount on?

Can I use my Great Grades Discount with a coupon? No, the Great Grades Program may not be combined with any other deals or discounts.

I have to go home before my grades come out, and won’t be back in Green Bay until the fall. Can I still use the Great Grades Discount? Yes!  The 30 day Great Grades Program window of opportunity is extended to college students during the month of September to allow you to be rewarded for your hard work last spring and to get you a great game to share with your new roommates.  We also allow similar flexibility on a case by case basis in January or February.

Can I buy Magic or Pokemon single cards with my Great Grades discount? No, the Great Grades Program is only for new games. Cards, Tournament Entry fees and certain other items are not part of the program.

Can I special order something and use my Great Grades discount on it? Yes!  We highly encourage parents to set up a layaway or special order to have the game their student really wants waiting as a reward at the end of the semester.  Talk to any Gnome Games staff about how we can help you encourage your student with a Great Grades Layaway today!

Gnome Games Great Grades Program