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Warmachine Company of Iron preorders now available!

Preorder Warmachine Tide of Iron at Gnome Games

Gnome Games is now taking preorders of Warmachine Company of Iron

Company of Iron: Where Every Soldier Is a Hero and Every Bullet Counts

Using streamlined rules from WARMACHINE, Company of Iron lets first-time miniatures players experience the excitement of tabletop gaming and the joy of hobby modeling at an affordable price and minimal time commitment. Best of all, Company of Iron introduces new players to the wider world of WARMACHINE and HORDES, and is a great starting point.

With its rapid-fire skirmish pacing, combined with the rich tactical decisions and immersive excitement of a full-blown WARMACHINE battle, Company of Iron will also hold great appeal to veteran WARMACHINE and HORDES players looking to explore other Factions or who are looking for a WARMACHINE or HORDES experience that requires a shorter time commitment.

Company of Iron Includes:

  • 21 Highly Detailed Miniatures with Stat Cards
  • 1 Core Rules Booklet
  • 1 Advanced Rules Booklet
  • 1 Scenario Guide
  • 40 Command Cards
  • 6 Commander Upgrade Cards
  • 8 Mission Markers
  • 42 Activation Markers
  • 23 Knockdown/Injured Markers
  • 2 Objective Markers
  • 1 Flag Marker
  • 1 Wall/Passage Marker
  • 18˝ Ruler

Cygnar Models

  • Lieutenant Gwen Keller
  • 6 Stormblade Infantry
  • 3 Storm Gunners

Minion Farrow Models

  • Agata, Queen of Carnage
  • 10 Farrow Brigands

Preorder your copy before October 13 and save $5 AND get free entry into the Feast of the Fallen Events in November at Gnome Games Green Bay East! Just visit any Gnome Games store or email and we’ll get your preorder in today!

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