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Warhammer 40K Fate of Konor Campaign starts Saturday!

Gnome Games invites you to the Warhammer 40K Fate of Konor Summer Campaign.


The Fate of Konor campaign will be fought over 6 weeks, with a new battleground taking centre stage every 7 days. The outcome of each week’s battles will dictate the narrative for the next week, help to decide the overall winner of the campaign, and be enshrined in Warhammer 40,000 history for all time!


One of the great things about the Fate of Konor campaign is that you can play anywhere. At home, at Gnome Games – anywhere – however you like and with any style of play you like: open, narrative, matched – all your results can count towards the outcome.

One you’ve played a few games, you’ll be able to register them at Gnome Games.


Imperial players can report their scores as they try to liberate or save the worlds of Konor, while you heretical Chaos fans out there can report your victories to spread contagion and plague across the worlds. Games Workshop didn’t forget xenos players though – you guys get to have a lot of fun. The rise of Chaos, and the Imperium’s attempts to halt it have left many planets easy pickings for opportunistic aliens. Each xenos victory can be used to reduce either the Chaos or Imperial score in your local area, representing the xenos forces disrupting the war effort on both fronts. So, if Chaos is winning in your area, and you want to stop them you can. Or, if the Imperium pulls ahead and you want to redress the balance, you can swap sides half way through the campaign! Typical treacherous xenos…


As there will be a different location fought for each week, the battle lines will be redrawn every 7 days, meaning that one side will never be guaranteed a victory, even if they take an early lead in the first weeks.

Fate of Konor Campaign Details
  • -Games MUST be played in store to report them.
  • -The results you can register are: A victory in a game or a new, painted datasheet of miniatures.
  • -We suggest a minimum of 1000 points for games, but players may play whatever size game they would like.
  • -Each week (starting on Thursdays) there will be a new mission. Check in at to get a print out.
  • -Each week you can earn points for painting a “datasheet” worth of new minis. Post a pic on Major Mini’s Facebook Page or drop by and show us what you are painting.
    You may start with built and primed minis.

-A bonus point may be earned by playing or painting specific things each week.

  • Week 1: Start Collecting/Space Marines
  • Week 2: Elites
  • Week 3: Tanks
  • Week 4: Psykers/ HQ
  • Week 5: Fast Attack/Flyers
  • Week 6: Scenery/Lords of War

Watch for more details and next weeks scenario tomorrow!

Check out the Fate of Konor website , where you’ll be able to keep up with the scores across the world and in the Gnome Games area, stay up to date on the campaign narrative, and download resources like custom weekly missions.

Fate of Konor should be a lot of fun for all you Warhammer 40,000 fans out there.

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